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Entrance Mats
Outdoor Entrance Mat

There is nothing more important for a company among other things that to give an excellent first impression to attract new clients and made the former clients feel good and at home, that is why we bring to you the best quality in custom made company logo rugs and mats, we can make your company look professional, as we help delivered all the services you can offer to everybody.

An entrance mat is a very necessary and standard component to have in any type of business. It is utilized in all types of businesses, in hotels, restaurants, office buildings, retail stores, production plants, government offices, gyms, schools, convention centers, etc, essentially all businesses that have employees and customers working or visiting a building.

An entrance mat makes your customer and employees feel welcome as they arrive at the building. A mat is a necessity because without an entrance mat visitors can bring in dirt and debris from the outside.  The mat provides a way to clean any residue from shoes ensuring that as they walk in the building with cleaner shoes it will help avoid accidents such as slips and falls. The entrance mat helps keep the building clean and healthier for everyone.

Generally, heavy duty office floor mats often begin to crack over time and use; however our products do not happen to them since the rubber used in our office mats is not only of very high quality but also the process of realizing these is careful and planned from the design of the carpet.

We are manufacturers of rubber mats and other materials, and today we are cataloged as the best manufacturers in the country, so the presentation of each and every one of our products is done with the benefit and satisfaction of our customers in mind.

When a potential customer takes a peek into a company whether is a big commercial chain or a small store, it is very important to give that person a small idea what exactly is your business about, our custom made logo rugs can make that happen for you, we can present to you all the model and design we have and if you can´t find what you need, you can give us your logo design and we will create an original mat for your company, together with a phrase of your preference to help you sell the product or service you offer. You will make your visitors feel so good that your sells for sure will rise to the sky.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your boss, don´t look anymore, we have what you need, a custom made rug that your boss will love, you can give us the design you want to print and we will create a long lasting custom mat, made with the best material and high resolution printing. If you desire we can also add a personal message on the rug if the company is celebrating an anniversary or any other message you would like to give. This gift will be remembered forever and so will you.

By getting our custom rugs and mats you will have no worries on high cost maintenance, these rugs and mats are resistant to high foot traffic, they absorb water, snow and also they catch all the dirt people can bring from outside, which can lower your cleaning costs and efforts. Buying our custom made rugs and mats are a great investment for your company, they will last a life time and they will always look colorful, vibrant and perfect.

We have designs for all kind of business, law offices, stores, company offices, insurance offices, doctors offices, etc, you can place them wherever you want, the entrance, hallways, between floors, offices, they come in different sizes and shapes, contact us to order now and we will make you dream custom made rug possible. We deliver all over the United States.

A Rubber Scraper is made out of nitrile rubber therefore making it an extremely durable mat that is well suited for outdoors. This mat is an excellent scraper mat and aggressively scrapes dirt off of shoes. It is extremely easy to clean by vacuuming or with water.

If you are wanting a more elegant look with a carpet feel, the Plain Premium Mat is your mat. It is a high quality mat made of polypropylene fiber. The surface of this mat is stain resistant. It is durable and has excellent high walking traffic performance. This mat can be used under an awning so that it is partly protected from weather conditions.

A Dual Rib Entrance Mat is a great choice for a more elegant look and will look great at entrances of hotels, hospitals, restaurants, retail shops and office buildings. It is a very durable mat that has a heavy duty backing. It eliminates moisture and cleans dirt off of shoes. It offers excellent water absorption and it dries very quickly. It is stain resistant and easy to maintain.

For areas where there is heavy water concentration, the Waterhog Classic Mat offers extra absorption and can withstand harsh rain and snow conditions. The surface is a pattern specifically designed with raised nubs for the purpose of absorbing water and creating a safer anti-skid floor. It is certified “high traction” by the National Floor Safety Institute.

For more detailed information please give us a call and we will be happy to let you know which can be the best mat choice based on your needs.

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heavy duty entrance mats and rugs for businesses

There are many different types of mats that can be beneficial for a business. A very effective way to market your company brand name is with a logo mat. A logo rug for business is not only functional and will help keep your offices clean creating a safer environment but it can also be a great way to advertise and prominently display your company logo. Logo mats make very effective marketing gifts.

A great way to show your appreciation to your customers or friends is to have a logo mat customized for them.  It can be a very special and unique way to show your gratitude and it is a gift that is both beautiful and very useful. Giving a logo mat as a gift is a great way to say thank you.

Say thanks with a rug or logo mat

You can have a logo rug customized for a friend with a photo of something special that uniquely speaks to them. Perhaps it is a photograph of their hobbies such as a garden or horses, or you can have a special quote that says something special that speaks to them.

If you are a realtor for a family that just bought a home you can show your appreciation by gifting them with a logo mat that has a personalized message, even their family name and picture – it works like a thank you card but even better as it is a very useful and unique gift that can last them a long time.
A logo mat is very useful as it can welcome people to your home or offices and keep your environment clean as it can help scrape dirt off of shoes before coming in.

At offices you can have a logo welcoming your clients as well as one at the exit thanking them for coming. It is a great public relations tool that can help create a welcoming experience for your customers.

Personalized logo mats and logo rugs make excellent gifts to show your appreciation to your employees at special yearly events such as Christmas or anniversaries. They can be gifts for birthdays or at special company events.

A logo mat can be a special gift for your family. You can customize it to have a logo that pertains to your family or have your family name or photograph imprinted on it.

There are many ways in which you can utilize a customized logo mat as gifts to show your appreciation and to say thank you.

Reversible safety runners are good quality mats that are also very useful in kitchens and any kind of food service businesses. The surface has a texture of tiny V designs making it an exceptional anti-slip and anti-skid mat that protects workers in food service areas.

Commercial rubber floor mats.
Rubber Scraper Logo Mat

Whether for commercial or for residential purposes, rubber scraper logo mats made of rubber can be a beneficial tool when it comes to reduce traces of dirt inside a building. There are many different styles of rubber mats available in the market, so when choosing one a number of factors must be taken into consideration to select the most appropriate rubber floor mat for your particular needs. For instance, the size should be sufficient to cover the entire area in front of the entrance door; fortunately at Unimat Industries we sell standard and custom sizes as well; you can purchase almost any of our mats in different lengths, so they can fit any space.

Rubber Scrapper Logo Mat – Factors to Consider

Another important factor to consider is to determine if you would like the mat to have a logo or to be plain, if you choose to have a logo or a business message on it, there isn’t a better rubber mat than the Rubber Scraper Logo Mat, this is one of our best seller product, the rubber scraper logo mat can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes, it is made out of nitrile rubber which make this mat very durable and long lasting, it has a unique design having circular scraping cleats on the surface that allows to scrape the toughest dirt and grime from the bottom of the shoes, it is very affordable, easy to clean and to top it all it can have printed any type of image with any type of color combination.

The rubber scraper logo mat is definitely an excellent option if you are looking to buy a high quality, rubber, logo mat at a low price that will help you keep your place clean while providing a beautiful look to your business or residential establishment, giving your customers or visitors a great first impression. The rubber scraper logo mat will totally make you completely satisfied.


Logo Mats can enhance the entrance of your business
custom logo entry mat

Custom logo mats are a great way to enhance the entrance of any business. A logo mat at the entrance will be the first thing that your clients see as they arrive at your business. It is a way to greet your clients with a warm welcome and lets them know they have arrived at the right location. It is important that the logo mat be a well maintained and clean mat which reflects professionalism as it will be the first impression that your clients make.  The more beautiful and well maintained your logo mat is the better impression it will make.  Your custom logo will make an impression on your clients mind right away and will be remembered long after they have left your offices.

A custom logo entrance mat can be utilized in virtually any kind of business.  They can be utilized at offices, restaurants, hotels, schools, gyms, retail shops, government offices, real estate offices, in short they can improve the entrance of any type of business.

There are many different custom logo mats available as entrance mats.

For example, the Vinyl Loop Logo Mat is a great mat that is made with beautifully hand-inlaid logos with vibrant colors. The surface is made out of tiny vinyl loops that aggressively scrape off excess dirt from shoes and will keep your indoor facilities clean. It is extremely durable able to handle direct excessive heat and all types of weather. This is a great mat that will last you and will maintain its new appearance in heavy foot traffic situations.  It is a great investment for your company.

Some other types of custom logo mats that can be utilized as an entrance mat are the Inlay Waterhog Logo Mat and the Rubber Scraper Logo Mat. Both are excellent outdoor mats that can take any type of weather conditions and will enhance the entrance of your business.


Anti fatigue mats can help your employees be more productive
image anti-fatigue blog

Anti-fatigue mats are essential products in any commercial or industrial business. They can help the productivity of the business by providing comfort and safety to employees. They can be utilized in factories, production lines, service counters, laboratories, schools, restaurants, bars, offices, retail stores – in short anywhere there is a need to ensure safety and to provide comfort to employees.

The mats come in varying thickness depending on the particular needs.  They are very comfortable to stand on and therefore provide great relief to workers that need to stand for prolonged periods of time. They can help alleviate leg, back discomfort and stress on the body that often can come from walking or standing on hard surfaces.

The mats with their anti-slip and anti-skid properties can provide great safety by helping avoid accidents that come from falls.  They can help clean shoes of debris and moisture helping maintain the environment clean and provide safer floors.

There are some anti-fatigue mats that are specifically for kitchen or food preparation areas where there is handling of food and water spills, and where often there is high foot traffic and employees are moving fast. They provide an excellent grip on the surface and therefore help keep the area safe from slips and falls. They are made in such a way as to be able to absorb and drain water. They come with anti-fungal and anti-germ properties that are essential to help keep these environments cleaner and healthier.

Anti-fatigue mats have many uses and can be used in many types of work environments.  They can help your employees be more productive as they are provided with a much safer and comfortable flooring to stand and walk on during their work hours.  For this reason, anti-fatigue mats are considered a necessity in many kinds of businesses.


Entrance Mats can be located in any type of business
mesh mats

An entrance mat is a very necessary and standard component to have in any type of business. It is utilized in all types of businesses … in hotels, restaurants, office buildings, retail stores, production plants, government offices, gyms, schools, convention centers – essentially all businesses that have employees and customers working or visiting a building.

An entrance mat makes your customer and employees feel welcome as they arrive at the building. A mat is a necessity because without an entrance mat visitors can bring in dirt and debris from the outside.  The mat provides a way to clean any residue from shoes ensuring that as they walk in the building with cleaner shoes it will help avoid accidents such as slips and falls. The entrance mat helps keep the building clean and healthier for everyone.

In some businesses an entrance mat will be placed on the outside and another on the inside so as to handle the foot traffic and ensure that debris from shoes can be cleaned as much as possible.

An entrance mat can be used in any kind of location that has any kind of foot traffic. It can also be given as gifts or as a marketing tool for potential customers.

Depending on the location of your entrance there are various types of entrance mats to choose from. If the entrance is in direct sun you will need a mat that can handle the hot temperatures of the sun. If your entrance is under an awning the mat will be protected so it is not as necessary. A mat that can absorb water is always very beneficial. If you have high foot traffic there are some excellent mats that are very durable and made to handle a high volume of traffic and that will last a long time.

Custom mats can be used to enhance any facility
mats for the pool

Custom mats are a great way to enhance a facility and create a safer environment. In any facility it is important to have an outdoor mat placed at the entrance as well as having an additional indoor mat once you walk into the building that will help eliminate debris off of shoes as well as absorb any water residue.  This will ensure that the facility remains clean and will provide an anti-skid and anti-slip environment that is very important to create a safe environment.

Strategically placing mats throughout the facility will provide additional safety and comfort.  For example you can have mats placed in the elevators, a runner placed on stairs or hallways, logo mats placed at service counters, and anti-fatigue mats placed in areas such as production and assembly areas where there are workers that are required to stand for long periods of times. The anti-fatigue mats provide a cushion that will help alleviate any back and leg strain as well as provide anti-slip properties that will create a safer environment.

If you have areas in your facility where there is food preparation or serving of drinks, such as a restaurant, bar or kitchen, placing kitchen mats that will absorb any water spillage and that have anti-bacterial properties is crucial to keeping a clean, germ free and anti-slip environment.

If your facility has a gym it would be important to provide anti-fatigue mats that can provide support and safe footing so as to avoid accidents. If your facility has a  swimming pool there are swimming pool mats that can absorb water and can provide safe footing for people walking around or when they are getting out of the pool and are wet. The anti-fatigue mats are also excellent for any changing rooms.

There are many ways that customized mats can provide much needed safety and comfort to any facility.

We have discussed in the past many different things that you can do by customizing a mat. Our latest news about the matting industry talks about the ability to do a logo on your floor mat with a custom logo floor mat as well as how we discussed the different techniques within the matting industry for custom floor mats for your business or facility.  We hope you enjoy this information and look forward to hearing from you.

Before you place your logo mat order you should ask the following questions
Vinyl Loop Inlay Logo Mat

Before placing a logo mat order it is good to ask the following questions to make sure it is the type of mat that you are looking for and that will fulfill your needs.

Is it an indoor mat or outdoor mat or one that can be both? You will want to make sure that the material of the logo mat you are ordering is suitable for indoor or outdoor environments. If indoor and you are placing it in a location that has a lot of foot traffic – how durable is it and how well does it stand up to walking traffic? What type of backing does it have? Is it a PVC or nitrile rubber backing and is it smooth or gripper? A smooth backing is used for tile, wood or cement floors. A gripper backing will help keep your logo mat in place if placed on top of carpet.

If it is an outdoor mat what type of material is it made of and how durable is it in direct sunlight and extremes in temperature? How well does it absorb water and hold up in rain and snow? It’s important to let the sales person know if your outdoor mat will be placed under an awning where it will be partly protected or outdoors where it will get full exposure to the elements so that they can make suitable recommendations. Different types of mats can handle different levels of exposure.  There are some materials such as nitrile rubber and vinyl that are extremely durable and can take a lot of wear and tear.

The type of surface on the mat is very important because depending on where you will be placing it you may want it to have anti-skid or anti-slip properties or scraper properties that will help clean dirt and debris off the bottom of shoes.

It is very important to know to care for the mat – how should the mat be maintained and cleaned? What products should be used to clean the mat or avoided?

There are plenty of good uses for a logo mat.  We have discussed this in a prior blog we hope you go look at.

Finally, asking what is the overall life expectancy of the mat can be very helpful when deciding what type of logo mat you are purchasing.

Custom Logo Floor Mats can be a powerful tool for Visual Merchandising
Custom Logo Floor Mats

Custom Logo Floor Mats can be a very effective way to present to customers your company’s brand name. They can be a powerful tool for visual merchandising. With images and detailed information they can be placed by displays to convey product information so that the customer can make buying decisions.

Since custom logo floor mats stand out prominently they can help guide your customer to a specific area and they can contain specific promotional offers that right away can grab the attention of your customer.  You can promote your company’s overall aim and focus with a specific phrase or title that can remain in the mind of your customer.  They can convey specific information with regards to your product such as goals that the product will help the customer obtain.  Understanding what mat to use in different situations is critical as well

They are an excellent tool to use in trade shows and conferences.  They can draw customers into your product booth and they can communicate special offers and discounts. They can be used for promotional giveaways that the customer can keep therefore advertising your company and product to their friends and other potential customers.  They are an excellent marketing tool that is very durable and will last and therefore an excellent investment for a company.

They can be used to convey a sense of belonging and unity to club members such as car clubs, specific product clubs, health clubs and at the same time advertise the club to garner more club members.
Custom logo floor mats can help bring a sense of community to resorts, hotels and apartment complexes.  They can very powerfully advertise the company and location to garner repeat or new customers.
Your company logo on a custom floor mat can make a powerful lasting impression and your company’s brand name and product can remain in your customer’s mind.

We touched on this very point weeks ago as well.  You can refer to a post we touched on about “entrance mats”.  Its very amplify’s what we discuss here.

Ideal Mats for Boats
Boat Mats. nautical welcome mat

Why These Boat Mats with logo are Ideal

If you have a boat you will know how necessary it is to have good floor mats on your boat.  Floor mats are an excellent way to make your boat safer and provide secure footing for guests onboard.

There are some ideal mats for boats.  For an outdoor mat you will want a mat that can absorb water and provide secure footing to minimize slips and falls. The Vinyl Loop Mat is an excellent choice as an outdoor or indoor mat. As an outdoor mat it can take extreme hot temperatures, it has anti-fungal and anti-mold protection, and it is chemical and grease resistant. It is extremely durable. You can have a logo inlaid on the surface with 21 vibrant colors to choose from.

Another excellent choice for an outdoor mat is the Rubber Scraper Mat. This mat has great scraper qualities that absorbs excess moisture and removes debris from your shoes. It is made of nitrile rubber making it a very durable and weather resistant mat. Additionally, your logo can be digitally imprinted to produce a vibrant and photo realistic logo image.

The Rubber Comfort Boat Mat is an anti-fatigue mat with excellent drainage capacity. It can be placed in areas where there is prolonged standing, where there is food or drink preparation and dishwashing. It will minimize liquid spillages and prevent slips and falls.

The Jet Print Mat is a great choice for your indoors.  The surface is made of nylon and the backing is made of rubber.  It can protect your wooden floors by cleaning excess dirt from shoes and help maintain the inside of your boat clean.

There are many great mats to choose from for your boat that will provide greater safety by helping avoid accidents and falls, and at the same time will protect your boat.

Why you need Heavy Duty Kitchen Mats
Heavy Duty Kitchen Mats

Heavy Duty Kitchen mats can be used in many places where there is the handling of liquids and foods. These mats help create a safe environment by providing secure footing where it often can be unsafe because of liquid and food spills that can make people slip and fall. Some of the places kitchen mats can be used in are industrial kitchens, bars, cafeterias, buffets, food preparation areas,  and food assembly lines. Often these places are high-traffic and fast paced environments where it can be critical to have secure footing. Kitchen mats are very useful in your home where you wash dishes or where you cook as they help keep the floor clean.
Kitchen mats help promote a cleaner and healthier environment as many come with additives that make them anti-bacterial, anti-mold, and mildew resistant. This is very important as spilled food can quickly gather bacteria. They often have drainage holes so that water can be absorbed and drained through and water will not get trapped on the surface as well as they can have anti-skid patterns on the surface that will provide secure footing.

The thickness of the mat provides a cushion that can help alleviate back and leg discomfort that comes with prolonged standing that is why kitchen mats are so useful in food preparation areas where one is required to stand for long periods of time. The mats often are grease resistant helping create even more secure footing.

They are extremely easy to clean. Just wash off with water and soap and let dry. They can come in modular units so that you can build the right size for the area you are wanting to cover and then you can disassemble it easily for cleaning.

Kitchen mats can be one of the most essential tools that you can purchase to make your environment safer and healthier in any areas where you are handling liquids and food.

A floor mat can make floors safe and dry during rainy season
Waterhog Mat

If you are in the midst of the rainy season you know how easy it is to bring in water, dirt, and debris from your shoes into the inside of your home. Muddy shoe tracks can very quickly spread throughout your home and it can be a mess. The dirt can spread making more work for you to maintain your house clean.  If you have carpeting on your floors the water and dirt brought inside can quickly stain and damage your carpets. In addition, if you have non-carpeted flooring, the excess water can be a safety hazard as it can make your smooth floors slippery making it easier for accidents to happen with slips and falls.

One easy and very efficient way that can help protect your home, making floors clean, safe and dry, is to have an outdoor mat at the entrance at your house. This mat can be the first line of defense, trapping dirt from shoes and absorbing excess water. Many outdoor entrance mats are specifically made to absorb water and aggressively remove dirt and mud from your shoes.

An additional indoor mat placed at the entrance of your home can help remove any left over debris ensuring that your house can remain clean and more germ free.

There are some excellent outdoor and indoor mats on the market such as the vinyl loop mat which is made out of nitrile rubber. This mat is very versatile as its tiny loops aggressively scrape excess water and dirt from shoes, and can be placed both outdoor or indoor. The nitrile rubber is a strong material that will last a long time. It can take direct sun, extremes in temperature, and spills from grease or chemicals.

Another excellent outdoor mat that is especially great with rainy conditions is the Waterhog mat. This mat has little fabric mounds that are made to absorb a large amount of water. This is essential for keeping water out of your house and making it a much safer and cleaner environment.

Use Floor Logo Mats to Enhance Retail Displays
logo floor mat for restaurants

A well designed and good quality logo floor mat can be a great asset to enhance any type of retail store or display. A floor mat can add warmth to a space and can be a very essential part of the interior design bringing together the different components in the space and completing the look you are trying to achieve and present to your customers.

A logo mat can present your company’s brand name in a style that adds to the overall feel of your store.  Depending on the kind of retail store the logo floor mat can be designed in such a way as to immediately convey the image and experience that your retail store stands for and that you would like your customers to come away with.

From an elegant retail store such as high-end merchandise to modern and fun there is a wide range of logos that make an impactful statement and can be used on a floor mat to present your company’s image.

There are some key places you might consider having a logo floor mat in your store that will enhance your retail display.  At the entrance is a great way to welcome and invite your potential customers. A well-designed and good quality logo mat will make a very good first impression which is key. At the service counter is another area that would benefit, where your brand name can be displayed and which will provide comfort for standing. In elevators and throughout the store displaying your company logo can reinforce the store´s image and brand name.

For high-end retail stores you might choose a Premium Inlay Logo Mat or a Jet Print Logo Mat. If it’s a modern and more casual retail store a Vinyl Loop Inlay Logo Mat might be the look that would suit your company best.

Whichever type of retail store, having logo mats throughout your store is a powerful way to market your brand name and assure that your customer will remember your company and their experience at your store.

Why Custom Vinyl Loop Logo Mat’s are the way to go
Custom Vinyl Loop Logo Mat

The Vinyl Loop Logo Mat is a beautiful mat that is hand-crafted. The surface is made of many tiny vinyl loops and backed with a smooth rubber backing, and it comes with a beveled or flat edge. It has a color palette of 21 vibrant colors and the logo is very precisely hand-cut and hand-inlayed resulting in a top quality logo mat. 

This mat is one of the most versatile mats as it can be an indoor and outdoor mat. It is extremely durable and can last for years. The tiny vinyl loops aggressively scrape dirt off of shoes and absorb excess water. It provides a cushion, offers very secure footing as it is anti-skid and anti-slip. It is water and UV resistant therefore able to take snow, rain, direct sunlight and extreme heat. It can easily withstand the harshest of weather conditions. It has anti-fungal properties so it is a great outdoor mat for areas that have a lot of humidity.

This is one of the best-selling mats for schools due to its extreme durability and ability to withstand high foot traffic as well as be resistant to any grease or chemicals.  It makes a great outdoor or indoor entrance mat in any residential or commercial building. It is widely used in restaurants, commercial spaces, offices, production plants, apartment complexes, mechanic shops, gyms, and pool areas, to name a few.

It is extremely easy to maintain. Simply shake it, vacuum it, hose it off or pressure wash it. It can withstand hard chemicals such as bleach without affecting the colors or the material.

The Vinyl Loop Logo Mat is a great investment because of its extreme durability and how easy it is to maintain.  Since it is a beautifully made mat, it makes an excellent impression and is a great way to showcase your company brand name.  It is made of such durable material that it will remain like new for many years.  It is one of the best-selling mats on the market today.

Benefits of having an Outdoor Entrance Mat
Outdoor Entrance Mat

An outdoor entrance mat provides a very useful and necessary function for many commercial and residential buildings.  Having an outdoor entrance mat is an excellent choice to ensure that the inside of your building remains cleaner and therefore healthier, and it will also provide a safer environment aiding in avoiding slips and falls.

As well as creating a safer environment, having an outdoor entrance mat will give a warm and inviting feeling of welcome to your guests as well as provide an aesthetic touch to your building or residence.

There are some excellent outdoor mats on the market that are specifically made to trap dirt, and they do an excellent job of wiping shoes clean, trapping dirt from shoes and removing moisture. These mats will often come with a scraper-like textured surface to ensure that the dirt will be aggressively scraped off of shoes and trapped in the mat.

If you are in an area where there is snow and rain, having an outdoor mat that can absorb water and remove the excess water from your shoes is essential to provide safety and prevent slips and falls. The surface of these mats often times have a spongy like surface to be able to absorb water.  Having an outdoor mat is essential if the inside of your building has flooring that can be slippery, the mat can do an excellent job of wiping any excess moisture from shoes and can be anti-slip and anti-skid.

In addition it’s important to have an outdoor entrance mat that is anti-fungal and UV resistant so that it does not collect mold in areas where there is a lot of humidity and it can withstand the damage from effects of continual direct sun.  Many of these mats are very sturdy and are built to resist lots of wear and tear, as well as high foot traffic.

There are several excellent choices for entrance mats on the market to choose from. Among these are the Rubber Scraper mats, the Vinyl Loop mats, and the different varieties of Waterhog mats.  These mats are very durable and do an excellent job of withstanding the effects of different weather conditions in the country.

Why Jet Print Logo Mats?
Jet Print Logo Mats

Having your company’s brand or logo visible is a smart way to market your company. In today’s business environment it is a must. The Jet Print Logo mat is one of the best logo mats that can be used for this purpose. It is an excellent quality mat that has a surface made of nylon. It comes with a rubber backing in smooth or gripper, or it is available with a PVC backing for a more economical option.
Your logo image can be vibrantly displayed on the Jet Print Logo mat. State of the art printers are used to transfer your logo to the surface of the mat creating a superb image with great detail. There is a wide range of colors that can be chosen from the 54 color palette that is available.

Not only is the Jet Print Logo mat a great way to advertise your company logo, it is a functional mat that can be used in many different types of places such as building entrances, service counters, hallways, elevators, office floors, and anywhere where there is a need for a mat. It can be used at entrances to keep the dirt off of shoes creating a cleaner and safer environment as having a way to wipe shoes of excess debris can prevent slips and falls. In places such as service counters where there can be prolonged standing the cushion of the mat can help alleviate leg discomfort.

It is a durable mat that can withstand high traffic. It is easily maintained by simply vacuuming or using a commercial wash as you would do with any other type of carpet material.

The Jet Print Logo mat makes an excellent gift. It can be used as an entrance mat for residences. It is a great way to help keep maintain your home clean.  For these reasons it is one of the most popular mats around due to its durability, functionality and the superior logo image that can be displayed on its surface.

Rubber Scraper Logo Mat and its Advantages
Rubber scraper logo mats

The Rubber Scraper Logo mat is a very versatile mat and one of the most popular types of mats sold in the United States. It is made of nitrile rubber which is one of the most durable materials around therefore it can withstand high traffic and lots of wear and tear.

This mat can be used indoors and outdoors.  It can be used in schools, offices, factories, production sites, restaurants and bars, inside of buildings or elevators, simply anywhere where you need a mat to scrape off shoes and a logo mat to present your logo. This would be an excellent mat in front of kitchen sinks, service counters, and the entrances of garages or backyards.

This type of mat can withstand all types of weather including snow, rain and direct sun. The top of the mat has a scraper design that is excellent for scraping dirt, mud and excess water off of your shoes, therefore helping maintain the home and work environment clean and safe. Its anti-ski and anti-slip material helps keep the environment safer preventing any injuries that occur from slips and falls.

Logos that might often be difficult to print on other types of mats can be exceptionally printed on the surface of the rubber scraper mat, including logos that have photorealistic images, as the material lends itself easily to the transfer of images. Due to the facility in which images are printed onto this mat it is one of the most popular mats for logos. It is used by businesses of all types to present the company logo. Due to its economical price and extreme durability it is one of the most widely used mats for convention give-aways as promotional gifts and as a way to promote the company. It is also one of the most used mats for company gifts.

Rubber Scraper Logo mats are one of the easiest mats to maintain and to clean.  Simply hose it off with water. It can be lightly scrubbed with a brush with some soap and water and you are ready to go.

Commercial Mats Benefits
Commercial Mats Benefits

It is always a good practice to invest in good commercial mats for your place of business. Commercial mats are widely used in businesses such as restaurants and bars, kitchens, hotels, warehouses, production lines, service counters, offices and schools.

Commercial mats are very useful because they create a safer work environment. Standing on a hard floor all day can be hard on the body, especially on legs, knees and backs. The mats provide a cushion that helps alleviate the impact of walking or standing for prolonged periods of time on hard floors. When you have commercial mats covering the floors it will protect the health and safety of all who work there.

Some great commercial mats are the anti-fatigue mats.  They have anti-skid and anti-slip properties that will prevent slips and falls. The surfaces are made in such a way as to grip shoes and provide safe footing. If you are working where there is water spillage, a good anti-fatigue mat that has water drainage and can absorb water is essential to create a safer work environment. Many anti-fatigue mats are made with anti-fungal and anti-mold properties.

Commercial mats can work aggressively to scrape off dirt, mud, snow and excess water off of shoes helping maintain the environment clean and healthier.

Another great commercial mat is the Vinyl Loop mat. This mat is made of many tiny vinyl loops that aggressively scrape dirt off of shoes. It can absorb the excess water off of shoes and it provides a great cushion for footing. This mat can be both an indoor and outdoor mat. It is weather resistant. It can take wet weather as well as very hot weather and it can be placed in direct sunlight. It is chemical resistant and it will last a long time due it being made of nitrile rubber, a material that is extremely resistant and that can take heavy wear and tear as well as heavy foot traffic.

In any work place commercial mats are indispensable and the benefits are many.  It is a responsible way to create a safer work environment and to care for the health of employees.

What to consider when purchasing a Logo Floor Mat
inlay waterhog logo mats

Having a logo floor mat is one of the most important ways to promote your business and brand name. There are a large variety of great logo floor mats available on the market; here are some pointers on how to go about choosing one that fits your needs.

The best way to narrow it down is by first deciding what type of logo floor mat you need, an outdoor or indoor one?

If you are looking for an outdoor logo mat choose one that can take a lot of wear and tear when exposed to the elements such as direct sunlight, heat and rain, and one that can absorb water. An Inlay Waterhog Logo Mat, Vinyl Loop Logo Mat or Rubber Scraper Logo Mat will work very nicely.

If you need an indoor mat, you can select one that either aggressively scrapes the dirt off of your shoes such as a Vinyl Loop Logo Mat which can absorb water and makes a great outdoor mat, or perhaps one that makes a more elegant statement such as the Premium Inlay Logo Mat for indoor use.

The next thing to consider is your logo. If your logo has a photo realistic image, or it contains different colors that fade in and out, your best choice would be to go with a Rubber Scraper Mat. This type of mat is made out of a material that easily captures your photorealistic logo and the details. This makes a great indoor or outdoor logo mat.

If your logo has a standard image that can be digitally imprinted a great choice would be the Jet Print Logo Mat. This is a great indoor mat that has a wide range of colors to choose from and makes a great brand image statement.

If your logo is a more basic one you could go with the Vinyl Loop Logo Mat or a Premium Inlay Logo Mat. You’ll need to keep in mind that these types of mats are hand-inlaid so your logo image and letters will be hand-cut and inlaid so they have to be large enough and thick enough to be able cut and to fit onto your mat proportionately.

These are some of considerations to keep in mind when choosing the right logo floor mat.

The Benefits of a Vinyl Loop Logo Mat
Benefits of the Vinyl Loop Inlay Logo Mat

If you are looking for a logo mat that will last you a long time consider the Vinyl Loop Logo Mat. This mat is one of the most durable mats available on the market due to the fact that it is made out of nitrile rubber one of the strongest materials around. You won’t have to worry about replacing the mat in a couple of years from wear and tear; this mat will last you many years.

This is a beautiful hand-crafted mat. The logo is cut and inlaid by hand in an impressive range of bright colors that make the logo stand out. It comes with a beveled edge that makes it easy to roll things onto the carpet or a flat edge depending on your needs.

This is an excellent mat for both indoors and outdoors. It is widely used as an outdoor entrance mat in many residential and commercial buildings. It can take direct sunlight day in and day out and will not show wear and tear that is why it is one of the most popular types of logo mats. It is great for use indoors as the tiny loops do a fantastic job of scraping off excess water or dirt from your shoes helping maintain the space clean. A big plus is that the material is resistant to chemical and oil spills which can easily ruin other types of mats.

The material is flexible and comfortable and provides a great cushion and support for your feet. It can be exposed to a lot of water without any damage to it.

The Vinyl Loop Logo Mat is easy to clean. Just hose it off with water or pressure wash it and allow it to dry or you can vacuum it. It is one of the easiest mats to take care for, and that is why it is used in schools, pool areas, restaurants, residential and commercial buildings, car garages, and factories. This mat is extremely useful pretty much anywhere it is placed.