Entrance Mats can be located in any type of business

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An entrance mat is a very necessary and standard component to have in any type of business. It is utilized in all types of businesses … in hotels, restaurants, office buildings, retail stores, production plants, government offices, gyms, schools, convention centers – essentially all businesses that have employees and customers working or visiting a building.

An entrance mat makes your customer and employees feel welcome as they arrive at the building. A mat is a necessity because without an entrance mat visitors can bring in dirt and debris from the outside.  The mat provides a way to clean any residue from shoes ensuring that as they walk in the building with cleaner shoes it will help avoid accidents such as slips and falls. The entrance mat helps keep the building clean and healthier for everyone.

In some businesses an entrance mat will be placed on the outside and another on the inside so as to handle the foot traffic and ensure that debris from shoes can be cleaned as much as possible.

An entrance mat can be used in any kind of location that has any kind of foot traffic. It can also be given as gifts or as a marketing tool for potential customers.

Depending on the location of your entrance there are various types of entrance mats to choose from. If the entrance is in direct sun you will need a mat that can handle the hot temperatures of the sun. If your entrance is under an awning the mat will be protected so it is not as necessary. A mat that can absorb water is always very beneficial. If you have high foot traffic there are some excellent mats that are very durable and made to handle a high volume of traffic and that will last a long time.