Before you place your logo mat order you should ask the following questions

Vinyl Loop Inlay Logo Mat

Before placing a logo mat order it is good to ask the following questions to make sure it is the type of mat that you are looking for and that will fulfill your needs.

Is it an indoor mat or outdoor mat or one that can be both? You will want to make sure that the material of the logo mat you are ordering is suitable for indoor or outdoor environments. If indoor and you are placing it in a location that has a lot of foot traffic – how durable is it and how well does it stand up to walking traffic? What type of backing does it have? Is it a PVC or nitrile rubber backing and is it smooth or gripper? A smooth backing is used for tile, wood or cement floors. A gripper backing will help keep your logo mat in place if placed on top of carpet.

If it is an outdoor mat what type of material is it made of and how durable is it in direct sunlight and extremes in temperature? How well does it absorb water and hold up in rain and snow? It’s important to let the sales person know if your outdoor mat will be placed under an awning where it will be partly protected or outdoors where it will get full exposure to the elements so that they can make suitable recommendations. Different types of mats can handle different levels of exposure.  There are some materials such as nitrile rubber and vinyl that are extremely durable and can take a lot of wear and tear.

The type of surface on the mat is very important because depending on where you will be placing it you may want it to have anti-skid or anti-slip properties or scraper properties that will help clean dirt and debris off the bottom of shoes.

It is very important to know to care for the mat – how should the mat be maintained and cleaned? What products should be used to clean the mat or avoided?

There are plenty of good uses for a logo mat.  We have discussed this in a prior blog we hope you go look at.

Finally, asking what is the overall life expectancy of the mat can be very helpful when deciding what type of logo mat you are purchasing.