Carpet Logo Mats

Custom logo carpet entrance mats


Carpet logo mats offer many benefits for all types of companies. First and foremost business logos or messages can be displayed at the main entrances of any facility, allowing your visitors and clients to be able to see the branding of your company even before they step a foot in the door, this is a great way to welcome people to your business. It projects a beautiful image and also brings a safe environment for your guests and staff, since having a logo mat can prevent slip and falls, they can dry wet shoes and also clean them if dirty. Here at Unimat Industries we are proud to have the top of the line technology, counting with a new and powerful Jet Print machine that produces the best quality of logo mats, with the most photorealistic images ever seen, this not only make them beautiful but also to last for long time, when maintain the proper way. There are three cleaning methods to preserve logo mats properly:

Quick cleaning:

To do a quick cleaning for carpet logo mats, the best way is using a vacuum, you can be sure they will not suffer any damage. You only need a few minutes of your time; this will help you keep your logo mat clean and tidy throughout the day.

Thorough cleaning:

Depending on the type of business and the traffic volume, you can accumulate dirt and residues in excess, so vacuuming can be beneficial but not sufficient. However, when they start to look blotchy, if the logo mat has a rubber backing they can be commercially washed, after washing all dirt and debris, hang to dry and they will look as new.

Clean with soap and water:

After your logo mat starts looking dirty due to high volume traffic and use, you can lightly rinse with soap and water, use a soft brush specially designed to clean carpets, eliminate all the dirt gently and then allow to dry.