Sanitizing Floor Mat

Sanitizing Floor Mat

Our sanitizing mats are designed to remove dirt particles and any type of contaminated elements found in the bottom of the shoes. Sanitizing mats are filled with sanitizing solution that retains contamination and germs from the bottom of the shoes.

Business Floor Mats with Logo

Business Floor Mats. Custom logo rugs for business

We have a wide variety of different commercial floor mats and rugs with logo, including logo floor mats and custom rugs for commercial business’s.

Entrance Mats

One of the most relevant benefits about entrance mats for businesses is that they help to reduce slips and falls, safety is without a doubt a very important topic related to business, companies are all the time trying to improve and find ways to keep their enviroment safe.

Anti fatigue mats

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Our Anti-Fatigue Mats reduce worker fatigue and increase safety, providing a non skid floor for people working on production lines, industrial workstations, workshops, etc.

Kitchen Mats

Kitchen Mats

These high quality Kitchen Mats provides a safe, non-slip surface that lessens breakage, maximizes cleanliness, reduces fatigue and increases worker productivity.

Boat Mats

Fully personalized designs on floor mats for your boat or dock. Boat mats for each area of your boat or yacht, plain or with logo.

Locker Room / Swimming Pool Mats

Ideal for wet areas such as: pools, sports clubs, schools pools, hotel pools, supermarkets, shopping centers, lockers, outdoor entrances, aisles, assembly lines, rest areas and any other humid areas.

Closeout / Discount Mats

In our Closeout section you will find great savings on certain matting products.