A floor mat can make floors safe and dry during rainy season

Waterhog Mat

If you are in the midst of the rainy season you know how easy it is to bring in water, dirt, and debris from your shoes into the inside of your home. Muddy shoe tracks can very quickly spread throughout your home and it can be a mess. The dirt can spread making more work for you to maintain your house clean.  If you have carpeting on your floors the water and dirt brought inside can quickly stain and damage your carpets. In addition, if you have non-carpeted flooring, the excess water can be a safety hazard as it can make your smooth floors slippery making it easier for accidents to happen with slips and falls.

One easy and very efficient way that can help protect your home, making floors clean, safe and dry, is to have an outdoor mat at the entrance at your house. This mat can be the first line of defense, trapping dirt from shoes and absorbing excess water. Many outdoor entrance mats are specifically made to absorb water and aggressively remove dirt and mud from your shoes.

An additional indoor mat placed at the entrance of your home can help remove any left over debris ensuring that your house can remain clean and more germ free.

There are some excellent outdoor and indoor mats on the market such as the vinyl loop mat which is made out of nitrile rubber. This mat is very versatile as its tiny loops aggressively scrape excess water and dirt from shoes, and can be placed both outdoor or indoor. The nitrile rubber is a strong material that will last a long time. It can take direct sun, extremes in temperature, and spills from grease or chemicals.

Another excellent outdoor mat that is especially great with rainy conditions is the Waterhog mat. This mat has little fabric mounds that are made to absorb a large amount of water. This is essential for keeping water out of your house and making it a much safer and cleaner environment.