Custom Logo Floor Mats can be a powerful tool for Visual Merchandising

Custom Logo Floor Mats

Custom Logo Floor Mats can be a very effective way to present to customers your company’s brand name. They can be a powerful tool for visual merchandising. With images and detailed information they can be placed by displays to convey product information so that the customer can make buying decisions.

Since custom logo floor mats stand out prominently they can help guide your customer to a specific area and they can contain specific promotional offers that right away can grab the attention of your customer.  You can promote your company’s overall aim and focus with a specific phrase or title that can remain in the mind of your customer.  They can convey specific information with regards to your product such as goals that the product will help the customer obtain.  Understanding what mat to use in different situations is critical as well

They are an excellent tool to use in trade shows and conferences.  They can draw customers into your product booth and they can communicate special offers and discounts. They can be used for promotional giveaways that the customer can keep therefore advertising your company and product to their friends and other potential customers.  They are an excellent marketing tool that is very durable and will last and therefore an excellent investment for a company.

They can be used to convey a sense of belonging and unity to club members such as car clubs, specific product clubs, health clubs and at the same time advertise the club to garner more club members.
Custom logo floor mats can help bring a sense of community to resorts, hotels and apartment complexes.  They can very powerfully advertise the company and location to garner repeat or new customers.
Your company logo on a custom floor mat can make a powerful lasting impression and your company’s brand name and product can remain in your customer’s mind.

We touched on this very point weeks ago as well.  You can refer to a post we touched on about “entrance mats”.  Its very amplify’s what we discuss here.