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Custom made floor mats by AceLogomats
Floor Mats with Logo

AceLogoMats has over 30 years of experience in the custom floor mats industry. Unlike others, we only focus on making the best and most reliable custom floor mats that can either be used for residential or commercial purposes. We have a vast variety and types of floor mats you can choose, ranging from custom floor mats, Anti-fatigue mats, entrance mats, kitchen floor mats and also custom floor mats that can be tailored and printed according to your requirements.

In the 21st century, Acelogomats not only provides all sorts of mats to industries but also help them create something that is memorable and develops a lasting impression for their employees and guests.

Our product helps businesses maintain a proper hygienic environment that is productive for their employees and customers.

Besides providing the best quality and product range, we are also committed in providing mats at the most affordable rates. In fact, we are so committed that we can go lower than any other competitor upon showing quotation.

Logo Mats: A door or a doormat is the first impression for anyone who enters your office premises. Logo floor mats are one of the most cost effective to present your company name or brand. A custom floor mat is the first step towards your company so makes sure it creates an impact for your customer and your employees. You can choose from a company slogan or logo with almost any kind of color theme with distinctive clarity.

Entrance Mats: These mats are not only important for there functionality but is also necessary to keep your floor and people who enter, safe. Acelogomats is proud to have various types of entrance mats that you can choose from different sizes, material used and textures. We also have mats that are made from recycled material implying eco-friendly technology.

Anti-Fatigue Mats: These mats are also called soft flooring mats that provide comfort to your staff or anyone who walk in your business workspace. These mats do not only benefit in terms of keeping the floor clean but also increases employee productivity by providing a more comfortable environment to work in. Investing in anti-fatigue custom fit floor mats is a good way to keep your employees happy.

Kitchen floor Mats: Residential or commercial kitchens are a busy and unsafe place to be. Counter tops and floors can easily get dirty and have to be replaced after some time. By using custom kitchen floor mats you can avoid it as it not only provides safety for your kitchen floors but due to its anti-skid properties it can be safe for people as well.

Unimat understands that businesses should be environmental friendly and by using our products you can reduce your carbon footprint by using Eco-friendly mats manufactured by Unimat.

You can order online or talk to one of our customer sales representative who will help you choose an appropriate mat that suits your needs. We also provide free art proofs for the ease of our customers so that they can get the final product without any inconvenience of going through graphic designers.

Lobby Floor Mats
entry mat for business

These lobby floor mats are comfortable and durable, but especially tasteful, as they are excellent for placement in virtually any entry, whether at home, office or in commercial establishments, including buildings.

Try our lobby floor mats, they are easy to wash, high strength and therefore offer a very long useful life.

The lobby floor mats are of great taste and of the most used in the whole world. Do not be left behind, invest in quality.

Lobby Floor Mats for your home and / or business

Excellent decorative and functional elements for your home and / or business, Unimat lobby floor mats are manufactured according to the highest quality standards in the market. Each element of its composition has been rigorously tested for years, and that is why we not only offer the best prices, but also the best quality.
Unlike custom rugs, these do not carry any impression, however they are elegant and you can place them in practically any area.

All of our entry mats have a different utility depending on your intent, whether industrial, commercial, or home, and some of them may even work for more than one particular application.

Enter and know our excellent catalog for entrance mats. We are confident that your experience with Unimat products will be more than just satisfactory.

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Rubber walk off mats
Rubber scraper mat

Rubber, also known as an elastomer, is characterized by its elasticity, or what is the same, its unmatched ability to regain its original shape after undergoing deformation. The elasticity of rubber walk off mats is the result of a specific molecular structure, where the stereochemical arrangement of the molecule allows molecular distances to increase without breaking the molecular bonds, so that when the stress ceases, the molecules recover its original position.

Natural Rubber

The first elastomer was the natural rubber, its chemical composition is Polysoprene. This compound is found in the sap of many tropical plants; however, the commercial exploitation is through the sap of a tree whose name is “Hevea Brasiliensis”.

Synthetic Rubber

The synthetic rubber developed and began to be manufactured in an industrial form in the early twentieth century. Initially as a response to the shortage of supply of natural rubber during World War I and later synthetic elastomers were discovered that far surpassed the physical properties of the natural rubber.

Nowadays rubber walk off mats are one of many products made from synthetic rubber, and thanks to their chemical manufacturing qualities, the resistance they offer is far superior to that of any other material, as well as its elasticity, it also has a hardness much higher than that of other materials.

Another excellent advantage of rubber walk off mats is their resistance to temperatures, because thanks to their resilience, they can remain all day under the sun or buried in snow (extreme scenarios) and will continue as new.

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Spaghetti mat
Plain Vinyl Loop Mat

For all the properties that PVC has, spaghetti mats are made of interlaced filaments of this material. Outdoors, they trap the dirt in the entrances, it is porous, the water runs through it preventing accidents. It is quite safe in areas where there is water, because its surface is kept dry, is perfect for wet areas such as aquariums, swimming schools or where water sports are practiced.

Spaghetti mats in industrial areas

It is also recommended to use spaghetti mats in industrial areas because in these areas the humidity can cause serious accidents, and worse if the traffic they handle is heavy and large, falls due to humidity in the area.

Made to retain large amounts of gravel, small stones that are usually hidden under the shoes, sand, but it is not recommended to use mats spaghetti in areas where the sand is fine, because it does not catch it.

Curl or spaghetti mats are very easy to clean, because all the dust and water is lodged at the bottom, all you have to do is just lift the mat, vacuum or broom.

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Heavy duty office floor mats
Heavy duty office floor mats

Heavy duty office floor mats are excellent for entries of any real estate since they are really easy to clean and very hygienic because thanks to its rubber composition you can wash them without any risk and just drain the water so that the mat is completely clean and ready for use.

High quality office floor mats

Generally, heavy duty office floor mats often begin to crack over time and use; however our products do not happen to them since the rubber used in our office mats is not only of very high quality but also the process of realizing these is careful and planned from the design of the carpet.

We are manufacturers of rubber mats and other materials, and today we are cataloged as the best manufacturers in the country, so the presentation of each and every one of our products is done with the benefit and satisfaction of our customers in mind.

There are no safer and more reliable products than our ticket mats.

Try our heavy duty office floor mats now at any entrance, we know you’ll love the performance they make.

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Rubber walk off mats
Rubber walk off mats

If you are wondering how are walk-off mats different from entrance mats, the answer is simple: They are one and the same. The term “walk-off mat” is used to describe an entire category of rubber mats that either scrape or wipe debris from the under soles of shoes. They are most commonly implemented just outside the entrance to a facility or just inside the entryway.

Walk off mats made of rubber

Our Scraper Mats are made of rubber and feature a surface of nubs that aggressively sweep and dislodge debris from the shoes. These rubber walk-off mats have earned their spot below for being favorites among our clients because the effectiveness with which they´re surface extends upward and cleans the under soles of shoes much like a toothbrush cleans teeth.

It is our pleasure to assist you in finding walk off matting solutions that will accomplish your facility’s safety, hygiene, and risk management goals.

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