Diamond Top Anti-Fatigue Mat

Diamond Top Anti Fatigue Mat

Diamond plate anti-fatigue floor mats have lot of benefits about using anti-fatigue mats in an industry environment. It has been proven that when standing for long periods of time while working the body will be affected in a negative way, especially in areas like the lower back and knees.

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Diamond pattern anti-fatigue matting are defiantly beneficial in many different ways, including reducing pain, increasing circulation, reducing leg discomfort, reducing compression of the spinal cord, and increases productivity as well as improving employee’s health. Anti-fatigue mats can be used in any businesses you can possibly imagine, like: at a grocery store, at a medical office, in fast food restaurants, in hospitals, in hotel lobbies, at an airport, and much more.

We have the best Diamond pattern safety anti-fatigue floor mats and our company is a prominent and trusted industrial anti-fatigue mats supplier.

The mats come in varying thickness depending on the particular needs.  They are very comfortable to stand on and therefore provide great relief to workers that need to stand for prolonged periods of time. They can help alleviate leg, back discomfort and stress on the body that often can come from walking or standing on hard surfaces.

Diamond Type anti-fatigue matting is an excellent solution that reduces worker fatigue and increase safety. Diamond Top is great for industrial environments. This type of anti-fatigue mat is designed with superior quality technology, it has an anti-skid surface that makes it safe in all kind of industrial setups. Diamond Top is warranted against delamination for 2 years.

Diamond ergonomic anti-fatigue mats have many uses and can be used in many types of work environments.  They can help your employees be more productive as they are provided with a much safer and comfortable flooring to stand and walk on during their work hours.  For this reason, anti-fatigue mats are considered a necessity in many kinds of businesses.

There are so many benefits when using Counter diamond anti-fatigue mats, such as:

  • Vinyl surface bonded to a heavy duty vinyl sponge.
  • Thickness: approximately 9/16”.
  • Surface: Diamond tread.
  • Colors: Solid Back or Black with Yellow Safety Border.
  • Chemical resistant material.
  • Closed cell sponge base provides support to legs and back, reducing fatigue
  • Durable vinyl surface resistant to most chemical spills.
  • Non-flammable with beveled edges and yellow borders provide additional safety.
  • Ideal for use in rigorous manufacturing environments.
  • Grease and oil resistant to help prevent slips.
  • Maintained by vacuuming, shaking and periodic extraction.

An anti-fatigue mat can have a yellow edge border which makes it more visible in the dark and a beveled edge helps avoid tripping on the mat. The beveled edge is beneficial if you are moving equipment so that the equipment can easily move onto the mat in areas where there is handling of liquids it is useful to have an anti-fatigue mat that can absorb spills. If it has specifically designed holes the liquid can pass through therefore making it a safer mat to walk on avoiding slips and falls. Additionally, for example in kitchens, the anti-fatigue mat can be made with special chemicals that help kill mold and bacteria growth.

Industrial diamond anti-fatigue mats are essential products in any commercial or industrial business. They can help the productivity of the business by providing comfort and safety to employees. They can be utilized in factories, production lines, service counters, laboratories, schools, restaurants, bars, offices, retail stores – in short anywhere there is a need to ensure safety and to provide comfort to employees.
The mats with their anti-slip and anti-skid properties can provide great safety by helping avoid accidents that come from falls.  They can help clean shoes of debris and moisture helping maintain the environment clean and provide safer floors.

You can trust of variety of anti-fatigue products since we are a very experienced Manufacturer and Distributor of diamond pattern anti-fatigue mats and we offer great customer service. There are some anti-fatigue mats that have a patterned surface, such as a diamond top or with a corrugated surface, that are especially designed for anti-skid and help secure footing and helps avoid slips and falls.  Custom Anti-fatigue mats can also be made out of a special material that is resistant to chemical spills and are non-flammable. These types of mats are excellent in industrial workspaces where there is use of chemicals.

In addition, we work with distributors all over the nation and we can offer Wholesale of diamond anti-fatigue mats, with very low prices and great benefits for distributors, we have a perfect package.

Here are many types of anti-fatigue mats depending on what your needs are, but generally they are mats that are especially designed with more of a thick sponge padding that helps alleviate pain and discomfort when standing for long periods of time and that are made out of specific materials that create different types of safety in the workplace, promoting a healthier environment.

The types of workplaces that can benefit from anti-fatigue matting are workstations, service counters, assembly lines, kitchens, production plants, warehouses, and factories. In short, any place where there are workers standing for prolonged periods of time and where there is foot traffic.

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Standard Sizes

Stock Size Weight Qty. 1
102001 2′ x 3′ 9 lbs $103
102002 3′ x 5′ 23 lbs $243

Full Rolls

Stock Size Weight Qty. 1
102003 2′ x 75′ 225 lbs $2,295
102004 3′ x 75′ 338 lbs $3,448
102005 4′ x 75′ 450 lbs $4,580

Cut Lengths (up to 75′)

Stock Size Weight Qty. 1
102006 2′ wide 1.5 lb/s.f. $20
102007 3′ wide 1.5 lb/s.f. $21
102008 4′ wide 1.5 lb/s.f. $22


Standard Sizes

Stock Size Weight Qty. 1
102009 2′ x 3′ 9 lbs $122
102010 3′ x 5′ 23 lbs $288

Full Rolls

Stock Size Weight Qty. 1
102011 2′ x 75′ 225 lbs N/A
102012 3′ x 75′ 338 lbs $4,251
102013 4′ x 75′ 450 lbs N/A

Cut Lengths (up to 75′)

Stock Size Weight Qty. 1
102014 2′ wide 1.5 lb/s.f. N/A
102015 3′ wide 1.5 lb/s.f. $28
102016 4′ wide 1.5 lb/s.f. N/A

*For orders larger than 1 mat please contact our sales representatives, they will be more than happy to assist you!

Available Colors

  • Solidblaek Solid Black
  • id_1color_color_Safe_Step_Anti-F_blackBlack with Safety yellow border