There a lot of places where you can display grease resistant floor mats, they are perfect for any place where people manipulate oily substance like commercial kitchens, assembly plants, mechanic workshops, car wash, etc, the following mats allow people to walk from one place to another comfortably without worrying about falling down.

Grease resistant floor mats are versatile

We offer you a big variety of grease resistant floor mats, as you know, there is a type of mat for a specific kind of place, for example, if you need a mat for a kitchen is recommended if you use a small drainage hole mat to prevent dirt, grease or other substance stain the floor, now if you need one for a car wash, you could use a big drainage hole mat, in order to let water run easily and at the same time protect people from slip off. We can produce a grease resistant floor mat with the characteristics that you want.

These floor mats are safety equipment for any place, where people can get hurt from falling and it is necessary to make sure you have all the right elements to keep everybody who works for you safe, whether if you want to carpet a hallway or an entire area, we can make that possible, our variety of sizes allow us to suit these floor mats in any place.

Keep your floors protected

By using these floor mats you are not only protecting your employees, your are also protecting your floors, there are a lot of chemical substances that can damage your floors easily, the grease resistant floor mats that we provide are the perfect solution to prevent that, they catch all kind of dirt and oily substance like motor oil, cook oil or any other oily additive, and as a result, you will save money and time maintaining your floors clean. There are also mats with different kinds of thickness depending on where they are needed; you can choose the one that best serves your business.

They are very easy to clean with water, a hose or you can put it in a washing machine, in case a stronger substance falls in the mat, you can use some solvent to remove the stain. These mats will never crack or bend, all you have to do is contact us and order by phone, email or go to our website and check out our catalogue, if you have specific needs write to us and we will get back to you right away. We are available for any place in the United States.

Standard Sizes

Stock Size Thickness Weight Mat Color Qty. 50
103201 39″ x 58 ½” 1/2″ 35 lbs Black $37.50 e/u
103203 39″ x 58 ½” 1/2″ 35 lbs Red $43.50 e/u

Minimum Vendor Pack 50 Pieces for more than 50 Pieces please contact us directly

Available Colors

  • Black
  • Red