Advantage lite kitchen mat

There are some areas of your house where you can have a anti fatigue drainage mat, for example your kitchen or your bathroom, these mats are very useful for places where you expend some time standing or wet places where you might want to prevent falls, because they are very comfortable to walk on and they also are 100% skid resistant.

Make your business save and comfortable for your employees with anti fatigue drainage mats.

Our anti fatigue drainage mats are perfect for fast food establishments, restaurant´s kitchens, where normally people spend a lot of time stand up cooking or walking from one place to another. Make your employees feel comfortable while they are working, they will have less medical issues if they have this mats in their workplace, everybody will work happier, better and therefore they will be more productive. We can customize these anti fatigue drainage mats into any size you want, depending on the area you wish to cover, whether is inside a kitchen or behind bars; we will adapt these mats to your needs.

Perfect for schools or gyms.

Display anti fatigue drainage mats in locker rooms at school and you will prevent students from falling after taking a shower, you will help keeping them safe after practice, or if you own a gym they are perfect for weight training or dancing areas., they will make your customers feel more cozy and their work out will be more effective. These mats are skid resistant thus your visitors won’t fall during weight lifting or aerobic lessons.

Resistant and easy to clean.

These mats are very easy to clean you can simply sweep them, wash them in a commercial laundry machine or hose off, they are very soft but at the same time very strong and resistant to hot liquids, they will never crack or bend and we assure you they will protect your floors from any damage.

If you are interested in ordering our anti fatigue drainage mats let us know through our email or phone number, we will get back right away, send us all your specifications of color and sizes you need, if possible attach pictures of the areas where you need to display the rugs and we will give you feedback on everything you need to know to get your mats immediately. We have the best service in the market in shipping all over the United States.

Standard Sizes

Stock Size Thickness Weight Mat Color Qty. 50
103201 39″ x 58 ½” 1/2″ 35 lbs Black $37.50 e/u
103203 39″ x 58 ½” 1/2″ 35 lbs Red $43.50 e/u

Minimum Vendor Pack 50 Pieces for more than 50 Pieces please contact us directly

Available Colors

  • Black
  • Red