Footwear sanitizing mats. Boot dip mats

Boot dip mats. Footwear sanitizing mats
Footwear sanitizing mats
No. 12300

The sanitizing mat is ideal for any entrance where it is required to disinfect the footwear with which you are going to access the property, also another great benefit is that this type of mat have a scraper surface that allows the mat to scrape the sole in addition to having the advantage that the tray allows the use of solution sanitizer that completely disinfects footwear so that no contaminants, germs, bacteria or viruses enter through the shoes.

Our sanitizing mats are designed to remove dirt particles and any type of contaminated elements found in the bottom of the shoes. Sanitizing mats are filled with sanitizing solution that retains contamination and germs from the bottom of the shoes. Ideal for use in companies, homes, laboratories, hospitals, food processing plants and any place where is required to disinfect shoe from viruses and bacteria. Keeps areas free of contamination and germs. Sanitizing mats are made with maximum resistance to chemicals and acids.

Sanitizing floor mats keeps hygienic areas free of contamination and germs, mats are designed to deeply clean shoes and boots which are among the worst culprits in spreading harmful germs and bacteria such as listeria in food production facilities. Step into the mat and bathe harmful germs and bacteria in a disinfectant solution. Sanitizing footbath mats provide ideal protection from potentially deadly contamination.

Footwear sanitizing mats
No. 12500

The following are some of the great benefits of having Sanitizing Floor Mats: Compatible with most foot bath chemical solutions, Helps reduce the spread of microorganisms, Beveled Edges that avoids tripping, Made out of Neoprene Rubber, EPDM and SBR that supports sanitizing solutions, Contains UV protector that prevents the material from being affected by ultraviolet rays, Contains anti-aging protector (anti-ozonant), Anti-slip and in addition is Light and easy to clean!

The sanitizing mat has hundreds of cleaning ribs that scrape the dirt from the footwear, but its sanitizing action does not end there since it can contain disinfectant solution at its base that will help to decontaminate the sole of the footwear and not only to remove dirt from it. Disinfecting mats are widely used in industry due to their simplicity and at the same time their practical importance in avoiding a considerable amount of contaminants where they should not exist.

There is no sanitary mat that offers greater benefits than our sanitizing mats, we offer large variety at a very competitive price, in addition to their great qualities, they are also very resistant and durable.

Boot dip mats
No. 12600

They are ideal for any entryway, as their thousands of cleaning ribs dramatically remove dirt from the soles of shoes, containing dirt and moisture inside the mat so that it does not spread on the floor. Use sanitizing mats and keep your place clean, also the sanitizing mats are excellent for retaining moisture, since they not only support dirt and depends on where it is placed.

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