GREASE PROOF MATS. Grease resistant floor mats

Heavy Duty Kitchen Mats

When you are cooking, there are a lot of things that can fall in the floor and stain them, one of these is grease, this is one of the most difficult substance to clean, because is very dense and sticky, but we have a solution for you, our grease proof mats are perfect to prevent your floors from having grease stains and other kinds of dirt, these mats repel grease and other common chemicals, preventing people from falling down and we guarantee, your floor will stay cleaner and you will lower maintenance costs, as a result, you will have more time to take care of other issues.   

Keep your kitchen clean and safe with grease proof mats

These grease proof mats are perfect for big kitchens, with high foot traffic and where a lot of people perform many different activities, they are very comfortable to walk in and they will keep safe everybody, regardless if grease or other kind of substance falls in them, they have different drainage designs depending on what kind of area they will cover, all of them have holes because they are design for wet environments but they have different sizes of holes, we can offer you different kinds of grease proof mats from where you can choose from, including sizes and colors to suit your needs.

Cover all the spaces you want, restaurant kitchens, industrial kitchens or a small dinner, we have exactly what you need to maintain your kitchen clean and safe, for your employees, don´t look anywhere else, our grease proof mats are made with nitrile rubber, a very strong material that resist a lot of oily substance and is 100% skid resistant. 

Grease resistant floor mats. Fast and easy to clean

These mats are very easy to clean thanks to the material they are made of, you can wash them with water and soap, however, if other stronger substance falls on them, you can use some solvent to clean it, these mats will never crack or bend, they will always look new and ready to protect your floors.

Order now using our contact information, you can call or email us with all the questions you may have on prices, sizes, colors, etc or you can give us all the specifications to order as many as you want. We will be happy to work for you and fulfill your needs. We make deliveries all over the United States.

Standard Sizes

Stock Size Thickness Weight Mat Color Qty. 50
103201 39″ x 58 ½” 1/2″ 35 lbs Black $37.50 e/u
103203 39″ x 58 ½” 1/2″ 35 lbs Red $43.50 e/u

Minimum Vendor Pack 50 Pieces for more than 50 Pieces please contact us directly

Available Colors

  • Red