Recycled Mats

Recycled Mats lobby floor mats

Nowadays recycling, which produces recycled mats, is a very important part of society, this involves the reuse of items and objects of many types that would otherwise be discarded to be transformed in numerous different useful elements in order to help and contribute with the environment. Trash will unfortunately damage the planet, that is why recycling is directly linked to the ecology and also to the concept of sustainability which implies that humans being should be able to use the resources that the planet and nature provides but without abusing them and without causing significant damage to the natural environment.

Ultimately recycling is when waste objects are subjected to a treatment process to become reusable raw material in order to create new objects.

Society is more and more being aware about how important recycling is, and the fact that how much of a big impact just simple actions can make to the environment, not only by transforming waste objects and packing into useful objects but also by classifying the garbage and waste correctly. Our society talks about it, is aware of the importance of recycling for the life of our planet but it is very relevant also for companies to contribute and promote recycling, in order to create advertising campaigns, so this can turn into a daily practice for everyone. That is why here at Unimat Industries we are very proud to offer a beautiful recycled mat, our EcoGuard Recycled Mat which is environmentally friendly, the surface of this incredible recycled mat is made from 100% post consumer recycled drinking bottles; in addition the rubber backing is made from crumb rubber of recycled tires, using 99.9 percentage of recycled materials. EcoGuard Recycled Mat is the perfect choice to enhance the entrance of your business or home, this recycled mat has great benefits, it is very easy to clean, it has a beveled edge that reduces trips and falls and it is available in five beautiful colors and in two different surface patterns.