Commercial Entry Mats

Decorative Outdoor Commercial Entry Mats Pic

Every commercial entry needs a welcome mat for many different reasons, among them we can mention:

– To communicate a message.

– To create a positive image and brand recognition.

– To trap dust and keep floors clean.

– To avoid slips and falls when it rains.

There are some of the main reasons why having entry mats is important for business or for residential purposes.

The placement of the mat it is very important as well, you can locate:

  1. A mat outside to trap large particles, excess of water, mud and dirt.
  2. A mat inside to trap fine dust and dry soles to avoid accidents.

A recent survey in the US done to a more than a thousand adults revealed that when they arrive to the main door of a business the first impression was determined by how clean and welcoming the place feel, 86% were most likely not to return if it was dirty and felt unwelcoming. This shows how important entry mats are, they not only help by keeping the dirt away but also they will definitely create a beautiful and welcoming look to any entry, whether you are in a restaurant, hotel, grocery store, doctor office or simply on your own home.

There is a very large variety of entry mats, they can have personal or business messages, from just a simple: Welcome Home, to a complex variety of business logos, they can be also plain and have different textures and type of fabrics for the surface, they can also have a rubber or PVC backing and in addition the border can be chosen as well, you can have a flat or beveled edge and even have it covered with the fabric of the mat.

Entry mats are without doubt an essential tool, they can bring cleanness into your office or homes and also they will make your entrance look sophisticated and presentable.