Anti Fatigue Floor Mats

anti fatigue floor mats

Concrete is an excellent building material and it is commonly used for industrial floor surfaces, but concrete can be very slippery and dangerous if water or other liquids are spilled on it. For this reason, using nonslip mats in any commercial or industrial establishment is highly recommended.

Two main types of materials are used to make non-slip mats: vinyl or rubber. Vinyl is very good as anti-slip surface and resists degradation of fats, oils and most chemicals. Rubber is usually more durable than vinyl and also offers greater resistance to sliding, rubber tends to last longer under adverse conditions or constant use.

Anti Fatigue Floor Mats – Improve Work Environment

Business owners are constantly finding different ways to improve the work environment for their employees, so they can feel happier and work in a safe place, therefore a happier and healthier employee will be able to provide a better customer service, this will directly contribute in a very positive way to the grow and success of a company. That is why Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats are an essential part of any business, without them, workers are at risk of getting injured specially when standing for long periods of time.
Anti-fatigue mats are made of special foam materials which provide great comfort to employees; these types of mats are very beneficial different in work places such as: Customer service counters, Warehouse, Hotel registration counters, Industrial areas, Checkout counters, Assembly lines, Building reception counters, Work stations, among many others.

Anti-Skid & Non-Slip Anti Fatigue Floor Mats

Almost all the anti fatigue floor mats we carry in our company have an anti-skid surface; this is another great benefit, since in addition they prevent accidents, having an anti-fatigue mat is without a doubt a preventive method. One of the most common accidents that can occur in any business, is when people bring water inside the facilities from the outside when is raining, this makes floors very slippery and can definitely cause slip and falls, so having an anti-fatigue mat placed on your floors will decrease this condition.

For all of these circumstances and many more, it is necessary to have a non-slip anti fatigue floor mat that can guarantee high level of security in your business.