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Anti-fatigue kitchen mats

Looking for a top quality anti fatigue kitchen mat? Try Acelogomats kitchen floor mats. They remove the uncomfortable problem of standing on hard floor surfaces.

There are different varieties of rubber anti fatigue mats that are very useful in businesses such as factories, production plants, and all kinds of industrial environments. The grease and oil resistant surfaces helping prevent slips and falls. The mats are available with different types of corrugated, waffle, or diamond patterns to add an additional safety measure by gripping the shoes and provide secure footing. A vinyl surface will make it an exceptionally durable and long-lasting mat. The sponge material of the anti-fatigue mats can help relieve workers legs and back fatigue especially if standing all day. These mats are excellent in production lines, service counters, mechanical shops, construction sites, warehouses and industrial plants.

Kitchen mats are another type of anti-fatigue mat that are very useful in businesses such as restaurants, industrial kitchens, farms, cafeterias or any type of work environment that needs flooring capable of dealing with liquids drainage. The kitchen mats come with drainage holes ensuring liquids and particle such as food can pass through. These mats are made out of rubber providing an anti-skid and anti-slip environment. The thick rubber provides a cushion to alleviate the workers stress of standing. Anti-fungal and anti-mold properties are added to prevent mold, mildew, and bacterial growth. Kitchen mats are available in modular sections making it very easy to disassemble and clean.