Heavy Duty Entrance Mat Interlocking Mat
Heavy Duty Entrance Mats ModularHeavy Duty Entrance Mats ModularHeavy Duty Entrance Mats ModularHeavy Duty Entrance Mats Modular

Heavy Duty Entrance Mats Modular



Our Unimat Modular Heavy Duty is a great asset to fit any area you need. These interlocking blocks attach to each other to create any size mat. Whether in industrial areas, kitchens, restaurants, hotel kitchens or elsewhere, the Unimat Modular Heavy Duty is the perfect solution.

Exceptional durability and outstanding performance is what this interlocking mat is all about as they are made using high standard quality construction.

Use interlocking mats by Ace Floor Mats and invest in a great matting solution.


  • Unimat Modular Heavy Duty is perfect for areas that need custom mats
  • Interlocking mats also fit into places that have tough conditions and yet show great performance


  • Kitchens
  • Bars
  • Prep Areas
  • Waitress Pick-Up
  • Assembly Lines
  • Behind Counters
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
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Features & Benefits

  • Decreases slip and fall accidents due to its anti-slip surface
  • Molded connector system
  • Molded bevel edging or stub edge style
  • ¾” overall thick rubber
  • Helps increase productivity and employee comfort due to its anti-fatigue properties
  • Liquids and waste drain away with its excellent drainage system
  • Easy to clean, just use a deck brush, soap and warm water
  • Available in 2 colors, Black: ideal for bars, service areas and any non-grease kitchen / industrial area and Red: ideal for light to moderate grease applications
  • Easily accommodate any size area with connectable Center and End sections

Standard Sizes-3/4″ Thick

Stock Size Weight Qty. 1 Qty. 2 – 10 Qty. 11 – 25 Qty. 26 – 74 Qty. 75+ Mat Color
103301   Bevel Edge Style: Center ,End or Single
 38″ x 61″  51 lbs  $312,8  $304,3  $295,8  $287,3  $277,1  Black
 $385,9  $377,4  $368,9  $355,3  $343,4  Red
103302 Stub Edge Style: Center ,End or Single
 3′ X 5′  44 lbs  $304,3  $295,8  $287,3  $277,1  $268,6  Black
 $375,7  $367,2  $358,7  $345,1  $333,2  Red

Available Colors

  • Heavy Duty Interloking Mat - BLACKBlack
  • Heavy Duty Interloking Mat - REDRed