Anti-Fatigue Rubber Mats

pic anti-fatigue rubber mats

Having affordable Anti-fatigue rubber mats  and being the a anti-fatigue rubber mat supplier is our specialty.  These mats were designed in response to the need of reducing fatigue and discomfort caused by workers standing for long hours.

When a person stands for several hours the body’s muscles contract and blood flow is reduced, because of this the heart is forced to work harder to pump blood through areas that are contracted, causing the body to consume more energy. All this results in pain, discomfort and fatigue, which can be eliminated by using anti-fatigue rubber mats, they are a very beneficial system for many industries, offering durability, comfort, longevity and reliability.

Worker are able to increase their productivity when feeling more conformable at their work place, also these types of mats help increasing safety for them when working in industries such as: retailers, restaurants, hotels lobbies, factories among many others. .

Some of the physical problems case from pain and fatigue are headaches, low back and neck pain and other discomforts, these consequences can be even worse such as varicose veins and spinal problems in the long run. That is why the use of anti-fatigue mats is the most simple, effective and economical way to solve the fatigue problem and its consequences.

The Difference Anti-Fatigue Rubber Mats can make

Making a conscious effort to provide employees with a comfortable and safe work environment will bring very positive results, like having healthier, happier and more productive employees, this will show companies care about their people.

Anti-fatigue rubber mats can also be used in gymnasiums, auditoriums, playgrounds, changing rooms and of course mainly in industrial applications such as warehouses, factories, assembly lines, etc, these are all optimum locations where rubber floors are suitable due to the comfort and durability they offer.

Anti-fatigue rubber mats are cost effective and are available in standard sizes, rolls and can be custom cut as well, their installation is not complicated, and provide the workplace ergonomics comfort, increasing the security level.