Why Custom Vinyl Loop Logo Mat’s are the way to go

Custom Vinyl Loop Logo Mat

The Vinyl Loop Logo Mat is a beautiful mat that is hand-crafted. The surface is made of many tiny vinyl loops and backed with a smooth rubber backing, and it comes with a beveled or flat edge. It has a color palette of 21 vibrant colors and the logo is very precisely hand-cut and hand-inlayed resulting in a top quality logo mat. 

This mat is one of the most versatile mats as it can be an indoor and outdoor mat. It is extremely durable and can last for years. The tiny vinyl loops aggressively scrape dirt off of shoes and absorb excess water. It provides a cushion, offers very secure footing as it is anti-skid and anti-slip. It is water and UV resistant therefore able to take snow, rain, direct sunlight and extreme heat. It can easily withstand the harshest of weather conditions. It has anti-fungal properties so it is a great outdoor mat for areas that have a lot of humidity.

This is one of the best-selling mats for schools due to its extreme durability and ability to withstand high foot traffic as well as be resistant to any grease or chemicals.  It makes a great outdoor or indoor entrance mat in any residential or commercial building. It is widely used in restaurants, commercial spaces, offices, production plants, apartment complexes, mechanic shops, gyms, and pool areas, to name a few.

It is extremely easy to maintain. Simply shake it, vacuum it, hose it off or pressure wash it. It can withstand hard chemicals such as bleach without affecting the colors or the material.

The Vinyl Loop Logo Mat is a great investment because of its extreme durability and how easy it is to maintain.  Since it is a beautifully made mat, it makes an excellent impression and is a great way to showcase your company brand name.  It is made of such durable material that it will remain like new for many years.  It is one of the best-selling mats on the market today.