Custom mats can be used to enhance any facility

mats for the pool

Custom mats are a great way to enhance a facility and create a safer environment. In any facility it is important to have an outdoor mat placed at the entrance as well as having an additional indoor mat once you walk into the building that will help eliminate debris off of shoes as well as absorb any water residue.  This will ensure that the facility remains clean and will provide an anti-skid and anti-slip environment that is very important to create a safe environment.

Strategically placing mats throughout the facility will provide additional safety and comfort.  For example you can have mats placed in the elevators, a runner placed on stairs or hallways, logo mats placed at service counters, and anti-fatigue mats placed in areas such as production and assembly areas where there are workers that are required to stand for long periods of times. The anti-fatigue mats provide a cushion that will help alleviate any back and leg strain as well as provide anti-slip properties that will create a safer environment.

If you have areas in your facility where there is food preparation or serving of drinks, such as a restaurant, bar or kitchen, placing kitchen mats that will absorb any water spillage and that have anti-bacterial properties is crucial to keeping a clean, germ free and anti-slip environment.

If your facility has a gym it would be important to provide anti-fatigue mats that can provide support and safe footing so as to avoid accidents. If your facility has a  swimming pool there are swimming pool mats that can absorb water and can provide safe footing for people walking around or when they are getting out of the pool and are wet. The anti-fatigue mats are also excellent for any changing rooms.

There are many ways that customized mats can provide much needed safety and comfort to any facility.

We have discussed in the past many different things that you can do by customizing a mat. Our latest news about the matting industry talks about the ability to do a logo on your floor mat with a custom logo floor mat as well as how we discussed the different techniques within the matting industry for custom floor mats for your business or facility.  We hope you enjoy this information and look forward to hearing from you.