What are Anti-Fatigue Mats?

anti-fatigue mats

There are many types of anti-fatigue mats depending on what your needs are, but generally they are mats that are especially designed with more of a thick sponge padding that helps alleviate pain and discomfort when standing for long periods of time and that are made out of specific materials that create different types of safety in the workplace, promoting a healthier environment.

The types of work places that can benefit from anti-fatigue matting are work stations, service counters, assembly lines, kitchens, production plants, warehouses, and factories. In short any place where there are workers standing for prolonged periods of time and where there is foot traffic.

There are many work places that have a type of flooring that is hard such as cement that can be extremely hard on legs, hips, and back but when covered with anti-fatigue flooring it dramatically alleviate these health concerns.

There are some anti-fatigue mats that have a patterned surface, such as a diamond top or with a corrugated surface, that are especially designed for anti-skid and help secure footing and helps avoid slips and falls.  Custom Anti-fatigue mats can also be made out of a special material that is resistant to chemical spills and are non-flammable. These types of mats are excellent in industrial work spaces where there is use of chemicals.

An anti-fatigue mat can have a yellow edge border which makes it more visible in the dark and a beveled edge helps avoid tripping on the mat. The beveled edge is beneficial if you are moving equipment so that the equipment can easily move onto the mat.

In areas where there is handling of liquids it is useful to have an anti-fatigue mat that can absorb spills. If it has specifically designed holes the liquid can pass through therefore making it a safer mat to walk on avoiding slips and falls. Additionally, for example in kitchens, the anti-fatigue mat can be made with special chemicals that help kill mold and bacteria growth.

Research has shown that anti-fatigue mats dramatically reduce fatigue, help promote safety, and alleviate health concerns in the workplace.