Customized Indoor logo mats

custom indoor logo mat

The Benefit of an Indoor Logo Mat

There are many ways that having an indoor logo mat is beneficial.

An indoor logo mat is a very useful tool for marketing your company brand. You can have it placed at the entrance of your offices or at the service counters. When the client enters it will be a way that your company welcomes the client, and the logo will register the company brand in the client’s mind leaving a lasting impression. For that reason, it is important to choose a nice logo for your mat and to maintain the mat in excellent condition as it represents the company image.

An indoor logo mat is beneficial to have at the entrance so as to eliminate dirt, excess water, and mud from the shoes and to ensure that the inside of your offices stay clean. Sometimes having an outdoor mat isn’t enough to clean the shoes, especially in places that have excessive weather conditions, so having an indoor mat is a double assurance that any additional dirt or water is wiped clean. This not only helps maintain the offices clean but it helps create a safer environment for the client by eliminating slipping and falling conditions.

It is helpful to have an indoor logo mat at the service counter as well for comfort if the client must stand and for the extra anti-skid safety. Having several indoor logo mats strategically placed is beneficial so as to re-emphasize the company brand and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Our Premium Inlay Logo Mat and Jet Print Logo Mat are excellent indoor logo mats that are high-quality and durable and will display your company logo very well.

The Premium Inlay Logo Mat is made out of a high-quality and stain-resistant polypropylene fiber which is a carpet-type material. The logo is hand-inlaid and therefore beautifully done. It is durable and able to handle high-traffic. It is easy to clean and maintain.

The Jet Print Logo Mat has a surface that is nylon and a backing that is made out of high-quality durable rubber that comes in smooth or gripper backing. The logo is digitally imprinted with precise Jet printers and beautifully done. Both of these mats would make excellent indoor logo mats.