The ideal mats to hold water

Mats that hold water

An ideal outdoor mat is one that can absorb and hold water and is able to wipe off moisture from your shoes.
It is easy to slip and fall when you have wet shoes especially on smooth flooring so having an absorbent mat will add safety as well as keep the inside of your building or house clean.  Depending on the weather in your area your mat could often be exposed to rain or snow so having a good absorbing mat is critical. It can help around pool areas or gardens as well to prevent slips and falls and keep dirt off of your shoes.

There are several mats to consider that are excellent at holding water.

The Waterhog Classic  and Fashion Mat is an excellent mat that has a surface of tiny nubs made of highly absorbent fabric that can absorb and hold up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard. It has a ‘water damn’ border designed to hold in moisture that wipes moisture off of shoes and keeps water off of floors preventing slips and falls. In addition it is UV resistant and is extremely durable.  These inlay waterhog logo mats have stood the test of time and if your looking for a product that can hold water these are going to be your best bet.

Another great moisture absorbing mat is the Lauder Entrance mat that is made of a nylon carpet that has a plush feel to it. The material traps moisture keeping your shoes dry and it is extremely durable able to withstand high traffic areas.

The Vinyl Loop Mat can hold water and is anti-skid making it a very safe mat to use around pools areas because it is able to withstand direct sunlight and high temperatures. It is extremely durable and will last you a long time due to the fact that it is made out of nitrile rubber.

The Dual Rib Entrance mat is made out of 100% polypropylene and are ribbed mats that are very efficient in holding moisture.  It is a beautiful mat and can be used in places that need a touch of elegance.  It is stain resistant and will easily keep its beautiful appearance. It can be used in lobbies, restaurants, offices, service counters and entryways to buildings.

Any of these mats will provide excellent water absorption and keep the inside of your building clean and anti-skid.