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Vinyl Loop Inlay Logo Mat

Our Made in House High Quality Products:

We are proud to be manufacturing two of our superior in-house products, the Vinyl Loop Inlay Logo mat and the Premium Inlay Logo Mat.

Our Vinyl Loop Inlay Logo Mat is a handcrafted mat. The logo is hand inlaid with precision using a unique process resulting in a beautiful finished mat. There are 21 vibrant colors that are available. The mat is made of vinyl that is 3/8” thick and makes an superior mat for indoor or outdoors. It is extremely durable with the ability to absorb water, withstand high temperatures, and is resistant to chemical spills and oil. The small loops grip your shoes lightly serving as an anti-skid mat which provides cushion and safety, helping avoid slips and falls. It is available with a beveled edge or flat edge.

This mat has a wide variety of uses. It is excellent for use where there is moisture as well as high temperatures such as pool areas to provide a very safe area to walk on and as to avoid slipping. It is a great outdoor or indoor entrance mat with it’s ability to scrape dirt off of shoes. It is a very popular choice with our clients for school mats or flooring. Rolls are available to cover larger flooring areas. It makes an excellent flooring option in such places as warehouses, retail stores, commercial kitchens, and buildings. It is very easy to clean, simply vacuum, rinse with a hose or pressure wash. We are proud to say that our Vinyl Loop Inlay Mat is lead free.

Our Premium Inlay Logo Mat at Ace Logo Mats is made out of stain-resistant polypropylene fiber which is a high-quality carpet material. The logo is carefully hand-inlaid and the mat has an elegant polished look. The material is extremely durable and has superior ability to withstand high-traffic areas while maintaining in excellent condition. This type of mat is a great indoor mat where there is a need for a polished presentation such as in department stores, offices, hotels, hospitals, and restaurants. It has a PVC vinyl smooth backing and it is easily maintained by vacuuming and carpet cleaning.

The Premium Inlay Logo Mat is one of our best-selling mats with clients that want a great logo presentation and superior quality materials.