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Waterhog Diamond Cord Mats

Waterhog Diamond Cord Mats Overview

Waterhog Diamond Cord Mats are the most effective rubber backing mats due to their distinct diamond pattern. These mats effectively clean dirt and moisture from shoes. Waterhog Diamond Cord Mats have quick drying capability and they also do not fade out soon.

Waterhog Diamond Cord Mats Application:

  • Near areas where water spill is high

Waterhog Diamond Cord Mats Features & Benefits:

  • Waterhog Diamond Cord mats offer a unique diamond pattern that is aesthetically pleasing as well as very effective at trapping dirt and water from shoes
  • Environmentally friendly fabric: Mix of 80% polypropylene plus 20% from recycled bottles
  • Available in smooth or gripper backing
  • Edge: Rubber or Fabric
  • Beveled edge reduces trips and falls
  • Dries quickly and provides a slip-resistant surface even when wet
  • Mat backing: Rubber
  • Simple to clean, just vacuum, use a carpet cleaner or rinse with a hose and allow to dry
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  • Indoor and outdoor entranceways
  • Ice machines
  • Vending areas
  • Kitchens
  • High traffic doorways

Waterhog Diamond Core Mats Standard Sizes

Stock Size Weight Qty. 1 Qty. 2 – 10 Qty. 11 – 25 Qty. 26 – 74 Qty. 75+
101801 2’x3’ 4 US$114  US$88  US$80  US$71  US$63 
101802 3’x5’ 8 US$155  US$146  US$138  US$129  US$121 
101803 3’x10’ 15 US$257  US$248  US$240  US$231  US$223 
101804 3’x20’ 30 US$466  US$457  US$449  US$440  US$432 
101805 4’x6’ 12 US$214  US$206  US$197  US$189  US$180 
101806 4’x8’ 16 US$270  US$262  US$253  US$245  US$236 
101807 4’x10’ 20 US$326  US$318  US$309  US$301  US$292 
101808 4’x20’ 40 US$598  US$590  US$581  US$573  US$564 
101809 6’x8’ 24 US$381  US$372  US$364  US$355  US$347 
101810 6’x12’ 36 US$544  US$536  US$527  US$519  US$510 
101811 6’x16’ 48 US$704  US$695  US$687  US$678  US$670 
101812 6’x20’ 60 US$859  US$850  US$842  US$833  US$825 

Available Colors

  • Blue Blue
  • Burgundy Burgundy
  • Brown Brown
  • Green Green
  • Charcoal Charcoal
  • Grey Grey
  • Navy Navy
  • Red Red