Rubber Scraper Logo Mats
Rubber Scraper Logo MatsRubber Scraper Logo Mats

Rubber Scraper Logo Mats



eRubber scraper logo mats are the most popular and widely used mats due to various branding options.

The scraper logo mats are best suited for both indoor and outdoor use. Digital printing, image precision, branding, etc. make the rubber scraper logo mats a popular product.


The rubber scraper logo mats are most popular due to the logo designs. These scraper logo mats are of superior quality with textured rubber base.

Highest quality materials are sourced, which contribute in producing excellent final products that are low-priced

Features & Benefits

  • Digitally printed thermo-plastic materials are molded and scraper logo mats are produced. The mold makes the mats durable Nitrile rubber that promotes long life in rubber Scraper logo mats
  • Exemplary image details and precision is achieved due to high quality images that are embedded with superior color tones and shades


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Wedge shaped texture offers superior slip resistance

Scraper logo mats scrape toughest dirt and grime off the shoes with their seamless design technology

The certified high traction scraper logo mats by the National Floor Safety Institute are crack and curl resistant. The anti-static Nitrile rubber used makes these mats tough and durable

Unlimited color options

Easy to clean, hose off or sweep

Overall Mat Thickness: 1/4’’

Logo Material: Digitally Printed Vinyl

Mat Surface: Nitrile Rubber, Circular Scraping Cleats

eMat Borders: Nitrile Rubber

Mat Backing: Smooth Nitrile Rubber






So when your in need of a Rubber Scraper floor mat now or later Call our rubber scraper logo boat mats professionals today.

Standard sizes for Scraper mat with logo

Stock Size Weight Qty. 1 Qty. 2 – 10 Qty. 11 – 25 Qty. 26+
6501 2′ x 3′ 6 lbs $88 $78 $70 $64
6502 3′ x 4′ 12 lbs $139 $128 $116 $114
6503 3′ x 5′ 15 lbs $155 $137 $125 $123
6504 3′ x 10′ 30 lbs $361 $291 $258 $255
6505 4′ x 6′ 24 lbs $225 $190 $182 $181
6507 6′ x 6′ 36 lbs $426 $371 $340 $337
6508 6′ x 8′ 42 lbs $558 $483 $437 $436