Outdoor Entrance Mat

Outdoor entrance mat

Outdoor Entrance Mat

Everyone knows the importance of having an entrance mat to help maintain the inside of residences and buildings clean therefore providing a safer and healthier environment. It is considered a “must have”. An entrance mat is especially important for safety where there is harsh weather conditions as it will scrape excess water and dirt off of shoes helping avoid slips and falls. Most outdoor entrance mats have a rubber backing making it extra safe.

There are some outstanding outdoor entrance mats that come in standard sizes but many offer custom sizes as well. These are some outdoor entrance mats that we would recommend:

The Plain Vinyl Loop mat is one of the most durable mats and worth your investment as it will last you a long time. It can be placed in direct sunlight and can withstand high temperatures. It absorbs water and the small vinyl loops scrape dirt off of shoes very efficiently. This type of mat is resistant to chemicals and has anti-fungal properties making it resistant to any weather. It is very easy to clean; you simply hose it off with water or vacuum.

A Rubber Scraper is made out of nitrile rubber therefore making it an extremely durable mat that is well suited for outdoors. This mat is an excellent scraper mat and aggressively scrapes dirt off of shoes. It is extremely easy to clean by vacuuming or with water.

If you are wanting a more elegant look with a carpet feel, the Plain Premium Mat is your mat. It is a high quality mat made of polypropylene fiber. The surface of this mat is stain resistant. It is durable and has excellent high walking traffic performance. This mat can be used under an awning so that it is partly protected from weather conditions.

A Dual Rib Entrance Mat is a great choice for a more elegant look and will look great at entrances of hotels, hospitals, restaurants, retail shops and office buildings. It is a very durable mat that has a heavy duty backing. It eliminates moisture and cleans dirt off of shoes. It offers excellent water absorption and it dries very quickly. It is stain resistant and easy to maintain.

For areas where there is heavy water concentration, the Waterhog Classic Mat offers extra absorption and can withstand harsh rain and snow conditions. The surface is a pattern specifically designed with raised nubs for the purpose of absorbing water and creating a safer anti-skid floor. It is certified “high traction” by the National Floor Safety Institute.

The EcoGuard Recycled Mat looks like the regular carpet mat but has a surface that is made out of 100% post consumer recycled drinking bottles. It has superior scraping capability as well as water absorption.  This mat makes use of these materials to help the environment. It offers superior cushion and comes in a beveled edge making it a very safe mat.

Depending on your specific needs there are some excellent outdoor entrance mats you can choose from that are very durable and worth the investment.