Kitchen Mats

anti fatigue kitchen mats


Kitchen mats can make a big difference in providing comfort and safety to your employees and facilities. In the restaurant industry it is very common to find problems with slippery floors in areas such as the kitchen and bar. Food, water and oils tend to spill on the floor, no matter how often you clean and them; this can cause danger to the safety of your staff, even if everyone uses special shoes designed for restaurants, it can still be difficult to walk through wet and dirty floors without slipping especially during peak hours, this can be solved by using any of our great kitchen mats solutions. All of our kitchen mats are an excellent grease proof anti-fatigue solution, providing comfort and the ultimate performance to workers, with outstanding benefits like having antimicrobial additive which prevents mold, mildew and bacterial growth; in addition our mats have anti-slip textured surfaces and are very easy to clean, you just have to use a deck brush, soap and warm water.

Kitchen mats have lots of features and benefits, they maintain the workplace clean and safe, they offer anti-fatigue comfort, kitchen mats are designed with safe surfaces that provide anti falls conditions for staff when walking. These types of mats help to reduce the risk of injuries for employees and workers. Some styles have drainage holes that allow fluid to drain from the surface of the mat and keep areas like kitchens and bars dry and safe without slipping. Most of these types of mats are made out of rubber material with high resistance to grease.

Kitchen mats are also made with anti-fatigue materials, which absorb some of the impact of stand throughout the day, reducing the strain on the workers body. As a result, they help reduce back problems, leg and hip joints along with other injuries related to standing on a hard surface for long periods of time.