Entrance Mats with Logo

Entrance mats with logo


Entrance mats with logo are one of the most popular mats especially for business; they offer many benefits for all types of businesses. Principally entrance mats will provide protection for guests and staff. When you invest in good quality mats it is expected that your floor mats are going to last a long time while you will improve the look and appearance of your business and finally will create a branding of your company since the logo and company name are display in the entrance mats and this will be the first thing clients will see when opening the doors.

It is very important to consider the right cleaning method for entrance mats with logo, since this will help to keep the mats for a long time in excellent conditions.

There are three different ways to clean entrance mats with logo:

For a quick cleaning: is best vacuuming, you can be completely sure that the mat will not suffer any damage if you use a vacuum machine, you only need a few minutes of your time and this will help you keep the mats clean and tidy throughout the day.

For a deep cleaning: depending on the type of business and where you are located, you can collect dirt and debris in excess, so vacuuming can be beneficial but not sufficient, therefore when they start to look blotchy, you can shake, rinse with a hose and allow it to dry.

For a cleaning with soap and water: If you own a restaurant, where the mats are filled with grease or where lots of dirt build up, due to high traffic areas, you may need to clean your entrance carpet with soap and water. Use a soft floor brush cleaner with the appropriate soap and clean the mats to eliminate all grease and dirt.

These all are great ways to maintain your entrance mats with logo clean and to last a long time.