Business floor mats

Entrance floor Mats for offices and Business


Almost every type of business establishment has at their main door an entrance mats. This product is necessary to keep a clean environment and also to provide safety to clients and workers. If outside there is a rainy or snowy weather or if shoes are dirty, entrance mats will be the ideal solution to eliminate these elements from the bottom of shoes before people enters the location.

Entrance floor mats are often very resistant to any type of weather and can also be placed outdoor and indoor as well. They are made of different durable materials and also their maintenance is easy and even they can be machine washed.

We offer a wide variety of entrance mats, all of these great products can be used for business, they not only have great looks but also they are perfect for main entrances where traffic is high, locations like airport, office buildings, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, etc, van beneficiate a lot from having entrance mats outside their doors.

One of our exceptional entrance mats is our own manufactured product the Plain Premium Mat; they are made using high quality, durable, stain-resistant polypropylene fiber, also its most relevant features are the outstanding walk-off performance for heavy, multidirectional traffic applications and in addition the surface fabric is stain-resistant and permanently anti-static. This is a premium mat that gives elegance and great looks to any business.

Another great entrance mats is the EcoGuard Recycled Mat; this is a very inexpensive mat with excellent quality and benefits and they are environmentally friendly, the carpet surface is made from 100% post consumer recycled drinking bottles, we couldn’t be more proud to be able to offer a mat with this feature, also the EcoGuard recycle mat has rubber resistant backing made of durable crumb.

Definitely entrance mats are a great addition to any business.