School Floor Mats. Entrance mats for Schools

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Schools are one of the places where kids spend most of their time, so it is very important to keep them safe and clean so a hygienic environment can be provided. This can be accomplished by placing entrance mats in every entry of the schools.

Kids can access schools through many entrances, the go in and out on different occasions and frequently they are not concentrated when crossing the doors and also they do it fast. So, having an entrance floor mat on each point of entry can ensure their safety and can be very beneficial for the kids.


Waterhog entrance floor mats can be very useful and are often placed on schools entry, since the material from which they are made (polypropylene) is especially design to hold big amounts of water in comparison to other type of mats. Placing waterhog mats in front of a door in schools can provide safety and also slip and fall can be avoided.

Logo mats are an excellent idea for schools as well. The main objective of logo mats is to provide state-of-the-art printing of a logo of business message. This can perfectly be applied to a school, since they can emphasize the pride of their mascot, sport team, school mane, founded year, etc. This type of mat can be placed on areas where traffic is high and safety is not the main focus, great areas in the schools to have logo mats are: the reception and the administrative office.

The Gym and the Kitchen are two more areas in the school where the placement of a mat is ideal and necessary. These areas need high level of attention, it is crucial that the gym and the kitchen have elevated standards of sanitation and protection. In the Gym, very often the flow of liquids is high, and also now a day the gym is used for many different activities like: graduation, special events, large classes, etc, so the traffic of people is more and safety needs to be a priority. In the Kitchen and cafeteria, the flow of food happens on a daily basis and also these areas tend to be greasy and need water drainage, so they can be dangerous for the kids and teachers. There are many types of gym and kitchen mats that can be very appropriate for these areas, specially the once made out of rubber.