Customized Logo Mats

customized logo mats

Customized log mats are the best seller mats in the industry. These mats are very popular especially for businesses. Having a mat with a customized logo or business message and the entrance of any establishment it is one of the main common things to see, it is very rare not to find a beautiful entrance logo mats on the front door of a company.

They are not only beautiful but also they are very useful since these mats will keep the floors clean keeping dirt and moisture outside the door. Customized logo mats are so popular that is difficult to imagine a place that doesn’t have one. Think about any place you go and you will immediately remember to have seen a mat at the entrance and throughout the establishment. Customized logo mats can be found in supermarkets, hospitals, schools, residential buildings, restaurants, retail stores, business buildings, malls and any other place you can think of.

In our company we have a great variety of customized logo mats at excellent prices. We are very proud to say that we offer the best prices in the market without compromising the quality that is why our slogan is: We offer the best products at the lowest prices! In particular we would like to talk about two specific logo mats that are on top of our best sellers list, the Jet Print Custom Logo Mat and the Vinyl Loop Inlay Custom Logo Mat, these products offer great characteristics and customers are always very satisfied to have them. Please find below the most relevant information about them:

Jet Print Customized Logo Mat:

  • Surface Material: Nylon
  • Backing Material: Resistible Rubber
  • Backing Type: Smooth or Gripper
  • Color Palette: 54 beautiful colors, choose up to 14 colors per mat
  • Cleaning Methods: Clean with vacuum, carpet cleaner, commercial wash

Vinyl Loop Inlay Customized Logo Mat:

  • Surface Material: PVC Vinyl
  • Backing Material: Resistible PVC Vinyl
  • Backing Type: Smooth
  • Color Palette: 21 beautiful colors, combine all of the 21 colors per mat
  • Cleaning Methods: Vacuum, shake or rinse and let dry