All Purpose Kitchen Mats

Kitchen Mats

When to Use Kitchen Mats

All purpose kitchen mats are one of the essential tools to have if your handling of foods and beverages.  Especially If you need a restaurant Kitchen Mat They are essential in such places as residential or commercial kitchens, restaurants and bars, factories and assembly lines, food service lines such as buffets and cafeterias, dish washing areas, and in general work stations that might have food or liquids spills.
A kitchen mat acts as an anti-fatigue mat providing a soft rubber cushion to flooring and offering beneficial leg and back support for workers that are standing and walking for long periods of time. A good thickness to have is anywhere from 1/4” to 3/4” thick. The mat should have an anti-slip textured surface to offer secure footing which is very important to prevent slips and falls as workers are often moving around a lot in these often faced paced environments.

What do commercial Kitchen Mats consist of?

Many kitchen mats have special chemical additives that make them grease resistant, and that prevents bacterial, mold and mildew growth. This is highly beneficial in food and beverage preparation environments. A good mat should have drain holes to offer good drainage capability so as to avoid the build up of water and therefore provide secure footing. Kitchen mats are often very easy to clean and maintain, and are often very durable as they are made of rubber so they can withstand high traffic areas and lots of wear and tear. In addition, the mat cushion helps protect what may fall from breaking.

A kitchen mat can come in modular sections that can be connected by special edges and connectors and make it very convenient so as to be able to attain the specific size that is desired to cover your flooring. It is helpful to have a beveled edge to avoid trips and falls and to make it easy to transport carts or move equipment over it. For these reasons a kitchen mat is one of the most beneficial pieces of equipment in these types of work environments.

It’s recommended you talk to our professional staff here at Ace Logo Mats for the best advice on which mat you should use.