What to Consider When You are Looking for an Entrance Mat

rubber scraper

There are many types of entrance mats out on the market so when trying to decide which type of entrance mat would serve you best there are certain factors to consider. The first being if your entrance mat is going to be indoor or outdoor.

When choosing an outdoor entrance mat it is important to think about what kind of weather it is going to be exposed to. Will it be exposed to snow, rain or sun? Will it be out in the open, fully exposed or under an awning? If it is under an awning it will be partially protected but if it is directly in the open you’ll need to consider the effects harsh weather conditions in your area might have on the mat.

The best outdoor entrance mat is one that can absorb water and that is UV resistant. Also you will want an anti-fungal and mildew resistant entrance mat if you’re in an area that tends to be humid.

The vinyl loop mat makes an excellent outdoor and indoor entrance mat. It can take extreme weather conditions such as rain, extreme heat and direct sunlight, and it offers anti-fungal protection. It is extremely easy to clean and is resistant to chemicals. This type of mat is long-lasting and can take a lot of wear and tear.

A rubber scraper or a waterhog mat are some other excellent choices for outdoor entrance mats.  The rubber scraper is made out of Nitrile rubber and it is very useful for scraping dirt off of shoes. It is extremely durable and long-lasting. A waterhog is excellent for absorbing water and for wiping excess water off of shoes. It is a strong and very durable mat. Dual-ribbed entrance mats can absorb water and high traffic and therefore is another excellent choice for an outdoor entrance mat.

If you are looking for an indoor entrance mat think about what kind foot traffic the mat will be exposed to. If it is normal to high traffic, a high quality, stain-resistant, and durable mat to consider might be a Premium Mat or Launder Entrance mat. If you are looking for an ecologically friendly material consider the EcoGuard Recycled Mat which is made of recycled plastics.


Once you´ve decided on what type of indoor or outdoor entrance mat you would like, consider if the edges are beveled or flat. Beveled edges are a must if you are rolling things onto the mat and tend to be safer to avoid people tripping. The backing is important as well. If your entrance mat is going to be placed on tile or marble you´ll want a smooth rubber backing. If you are placing it on carpet the gripper backing is best.