Scraper Mats

scraper mats pic


Scraper mats are such an important tool to have to protect any type of floors; these outstanding mats are very durable and can resist any type of weather conditions, scraper mats are great to be placed both inside and outside of any facility.

They are made out of nitrile rubber which makes them last for a long time. Another great benefit is that scraper mats are very easy to maintain you can just hose off or sweep. They will definitely protect your flooring by eliminating dirt from shoes due to their circular scraping cleats surface design. Ideal for places like schools, building entrances, production areas, entranceways, vending areas, kitchens, break rooms, water fountains, and ice machines, among many others.

In addition scraper mats can be personalized and have any type of logo, image, business or personal messages, photo or whatever you wish to be shown in the mat, counting with a high quality printing process since they are produced with digitally printed thermo-plastic materials which are molded in the scraper mats.

Rubber mats are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit any area, also in a variety of presentations, like rolls and tiles. They are cost effective while helping improve the safety of employees and visitors; scraper mats are non-slip.

Scraper mats are also ideal and very suitable for heavy duty environments such as factories, construction sites and any other area where traffic is high and where dirt flow is constant even with wet conditions.

Scraper mats are very popular and here at Unimat we have excellent prices and very qualified employees that will assist you with any need, visit our website or give us a call, we are sure that you will love these types of mats, they will be very useful for your business or home, eliminating dirt before entering your facility.