Rubber Scraper Logo Mat and its Advantages

Rubber scraper logo mats

The Rubber Scraper Logo mat is a very versatile mat and one of the most popular types of mats sold in the United States. It is made of nitrile rubber which is one of the most durable materials around therefore it can withstand high traffic and lots of wear and tear.

This mat can be used indoors and outdoors.  It can be used in schools, offices, factories, production sites, restaurants and bars, inside of buildings or elevators, simply anywhere where you need a mat to scrape off shoes and a logo mat to present your logo. This would be an excellent mat in front of kitchen sinks, service counters, and the entrances of garages or backyards.

This type of mat can withstand all types of weather including snow, rain and direct sun. The top of the mat has a scraper design that is excellent for scraping dirt, mud and excess water off of your shoes, therefore helping maintain the home and work environment clean and safe. Its anti-ski and anti-slip material helps keep the environment safer preventing any injuries that occur from slips and falls.

Logos that might often be difficult to print on other types of mats can be exceptionally printed on the surface of the rubber scraper mat, including logos that have photorealistic images, as the material lends itself easily to the transfer of images. Due to the facility in which images are printed onto this mat it is one of the most popular mats for logos. It is used by businesses of all types to present the company logo. Due to its economical price and extreme durability it is one of the most widely used mats for convention give-aways as promotional gifts and as a way to promote the company. It is also one of the most used mats for company gifts.

Rubber Scraper Logo mats are one of the easiest mats to maintain and to clean.  Simply hose it off with water. It can be lightly scrubbed with a brush with some soap and water and you are ready to go.