High Quality Rubber Floor Mats

rubber floor mats


Recycled rubber floor mats are very functional and they provide a lot of benefits when it comes to saving the environment and saving money as well. There are a lot of advantages when you choose to purchase rubber for your mat as an option to protect your floor.

Nowadays many business are selecting recycled rubber floor mats for their establishments, it is very common to see gyms, fitness centers, schools, hospitals among many others, having rubber floor mats outside and inside their locations.

Rubber floor mats are extremely durable and even after years of use; the original floor will still look good and protected from stains and scratches, but most importantly workers and visitors are going to be safe and the risk of slip and fall will decrease.

Customization to your Outdoor rubber floor mats

Customized outdoor rubber floor mats are made out of used tires; this is a great way to contribute to the environment and also a great way to create a very useful product that can benefit many home owners and businesses. Therefore using recycled material instead of new material contributes directly to conserving natural resources and in addition energy is safe since when using recycled material less energy is used in comparison of when new material are used for the process of creating rubber floor mats.

We are very proud to offer a fantastic recycled product the EcoGuard, this mat is environmentally friendly, keeping the environment safe, its carpeted surface is made from 100% post consumer recycled drinking bottles, in addition, the rubber backing is made from crumb rubber recycled tires. This top of the line floor mat offers many benefits, like: Bi-level construction traps dirt below surface, Beveled edge reduces trips and falls, Available in 5 different beautiful colors and they are very easy to clean, just sweep, shake out or vacuum.  We encourage you to give a call today!  All of our products are top notch and we only supply the best rubber floor mats.