Why Jet Print Logo Mats?

Jet Print Logo Mats

Having your company’s brand or logo visible is a smart way to market your company. In today’s business environment it is a must. The Jet Print Logo mat is one of the best logo mats that can be used for this purpose. It is an excellent quality mat that has a surface made of nylon. It comes with a rubber backing in smooth or gripper, or it is available with a PVC backing for a more economical option.
Your logo image can be vibrantly displayed on the Jet Print Logo mat. State of the art printers are used to transfer your logo to the surface of the mat creating a superb image with great detail. There is a wide range of colors that can be chosen from the 54 color palette that is available.

Not only is the Jet Print Logo mat a great way to advertise your company logo, it is a functional mat that can be used in many different types of places such as building entrances, service counters, hallways, elevators, office floors, and anywhere where there is a need for a mat. It can be used at entrances to keep the dirt off of shoes creating a cleaner and safer environment as having a way to wipe shoes of excess debris can prevent slips and falls. In places such as service counters where there can be prolonged standing the cushion of the mat can help alleviate leg discomfort.

It is a durable mat that can withstand high traffic. It is easily maintained by simply vacuuming or using a commercial wash as you would do with any other type of carpet material.

The Jet Print Logo mat makes an excellent gift. It can be used as an entrance mat for residences. It is a great way to help keep maintain your home clean.  For these reasons it is one of the most popular mats around due to its durability, functionality and the superior logo image that can be displayed on its surface.