How to select the ideal commercial floor mat.

commercial mat


Having commercial flooring is essential for many types of work environments. Many companies need to use commercial flooring from entrance mats, logo mats, and a variety of anti-fatigue mats.

In selecting the ideal commercial floor mat there are several components to consider.

It is important to have an outdoor entrance mat. In choosing an outdoor mat you’ll want to consider the weather patterns in your area … does it rain a lot, is it muddy, does it get very hot and will the outdoor mat be exposed directly to the weather or will it be protected under an awning? If it rains a lot in your area it is important to get a mat that can absorb water well and that has a surface with a scraper component that can trap dirt off of shoes very well as to avoid bringing in water and dirt and to avoid slipping and falling. If it is in direct sunlight you will want a mat that is UV resistant.

In addition you will want to have an indoor mat to further trap whatever dirt and water remains and for safety to assure that people will not slip or fall. The ability to scrape dirt off of shoes will protect and keep clean the inside of your offices and work environments.

You may want to consider having an outdoor and indoor mat with your company logo which will add a very important tool for presenting and marketing your company.

If you have stairs you’ll want to provide commercial flooring on the steps for safety so that it will protect from slipping and falling.

Commercial mats are also crucial to have in places where people need to stand for long periods of time such as production lines, customer service counters, buffet counters, gyms and any area where there is a lot of traffic. Having anti-fatigue mats will provide physical comfort and safety. The best types of anti-fatigue mats have a good thickness to provide superior support as well as a surface that is resistant to grease and chemicals and that is anti-slip. Our diamond top is an excellent mat that provides all of this with the added diamond top pattern that provides excellent anti-skid qualities.

Commercial kitchens are another place where it is necessary to use mats for safety. There are special types of mats that allow for drainage of water and that provide a safe surface to stand on that are anti-slip. You may want to consider modular units which can be joined together and easily disassembled for cleaning.

You will find that commercial mats are an absolute necessity in any business that has any kind of foot traffic.