How to Clean Logo Mats

How to clean logo mats

Caring for and maintaining your logo mat will depend on the type of mat that you have and each mat will have specific cleaning instructions. It is recommended that you follow the instructions and clean your logo mat regularly so as to help maintain it in good condition and so that is lasts longer.  Here are some types of logo mats and how to care for them.

Cleaning your Logo Floor Mats

The Viny Loop Inlay Logo mat is extremely durable and very easy to clean. It can be vacuumed or washed with water and hose and allowed to dry. It is an extremely durable material so you can even wash it with a pressure washer.  It is recommended not to wash it with soap as it can leave a film on the vinyl loops.

The Jet Print Logo Mat has a surface that is made out of nylon and it is very easy to clean.  You can simply vacuum, or use a standard carpet cleaner, or a standard commercial wash. You will want to vacuum it regularly to keep it in good condition.

The Premium Inlay Logo Mat is made of high quality 100% Polypropylene fiber.  This fabric is stain resistant and color fast. To clean it you can vacuum or use a regular water extraction method.

The Rubber Scraper Logo Mat is made out of nitrile rubber and it can be swept or hosed off with water. You can use a brush to help loosen up dirt that has built up on your custom logo mats.

The Inlay  and Embossed Waterhog Logo mats made out of polypropylene have a waffle design surface that is easy to clean by simply vacuuming, hosing off with water, or you can use a steam cleaner.

Using these simple cleaning instructions for these types of mats should help maintain your logo mat in excellent condition and help protect it from the daily wear and tear.