Having Custom Floor Mats for your Business makes a difference

custom jet business logo floor mats

A custom floor mat is a very important advertising and marketing tool for a business. Custom floor mats are used in all types of businesses from government buildings to schools, gyms, restaurants, offices, auto shops, hotels, retail shops and many more. A custom floor mat will promote your company name as well as provide safety and keep your environment clean.

Many businesses will have a custom mat with their company logo or brand name. Having a logo helps keep your company name present in the client’s mind. A picture is worth a thousand words and therefore a logo can be remembered by your client long after they have left your business.

Business logos can be digitally printed, using a wide range of colors, onto a carpet material such as the Jet Print Logo Mat or onto a rubber surface such as the Rubber Scraper Logo Mat. Some logos will be inlaid by hand depending on what kind of mat you select.

The backing of the floor mat is important to consider. If the mat will be on a cement or tile floor it is best to use a smooth rubber or PVC backing. If the mat is going to be on a carpeted floor it is best to use a gripper backing so that the mat will stay in place.

Another important aspect to consider is the edge of the mat. A beveled edge is important for businesses such as a hotel for example where clients may be rolling in suitcases. A beveled edge can assure that equipment can move on and off the mat with ease.

We have been in the flooring business for 30 years and have experience creating customized mats for all types of businesses. We can help you create a custom mat that is right for your needs.