Spaghetti mat

Plain Vinyl Loop Mat

For all the properties that PVC has, spaghetti mats are made of interlaced filaments of this material. Outdoors, they trap the dirt in the entrances, it is porous, the water runs through it preventing accidents. It is quite safe in areas where there is water, because its surface is kept dry, is perfect for wet areas such as aquariums, swimming schools or where water sports are practiced.

Spaghetti mats in industrial areas

It is also recommended to use spaghetti mats in industrial areas because in these areas the humidity can cause serious accidents, and worse if the traffic they handle is heavy and large, falls due to humidity in the area.

Made to retain large amounts of gravel, small stones that are usually hidden under the shoes, sand, but it is not recommended to use mats spaghetti in areas where the sand is fine, because it does not catch it.

Curl or spaghetti mats are very easy to clean, because all the dust and water is lodged at the bottom, all you have to do is just lift the mat, vacuum or broom.

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