Rubber walk off mats

Rubber scraper mat

Rubber, also known as an elastomer, is characterized by its elasticity, or what is the same, its unmatched ability to regain its original shape after undergoing deformation. The elasticity of rubber walk off mats is the result of a specific molecular structure, where the stereochemical arrangement of the molecule allows molecular distances to increase without breaking the molecular bonds, so that when the stress ceases, the molecules recover its original position.

Natural Rubber

The first elastomer was the natural rubber, its chemical composition is Polysoprene. This compound is found in the sap of many tropical plants; however, the commercial exploitation is through the sap of a tree whose name is “Hevea Brasiliensis”.

Synthetic Rubber

The synthetic rubber developed and began to be manufactured in an industrial form in the early twentieth century. Initially as a response to the shortage of supply of natural rubber during World War I and later synthetic elastomers were discovered that far surpassed the physical properties of the natural rubber.

Nowadays rubber walk off mats are one of many products made from synthetic rubber, and thanks to their chemical manufacturing qualities, the resistance they offer is far superior to that of any other material, as well as its elasticity, it also has a hardness much higher than that of other materials.

Another excellent advantage of rubber walk off mats is their resistance to temperatures, because thanks to their resilience, they can remain all day under the sun or buried in snow (extreme scenarios) and will continue as new.

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