Rubber walk off mats

Rubber walk off mats

If you are wondering how are walk-off mats different from entrance mats, the answer is simple: They are one and the same. The term “walk-off mat” is used to describe an entire category of rubber mats that either scrape or wipe debris from the under soles of shoes. They are most commonly implemented just outside the entrance to a facility or just inside the entryway.

Walk off mats made of rubber

Our Scraper Mats are made of rubber and feature a surface of nubs that aggressively sweep and dislodge debris from the shoes. These rubber walk-off mats have earned their spot below for being favorites among our clients because the effectiveness with which they´re surface extends upward and cleans the under soles of shoes much like a toothbrush cleans teeth.

It is our pleasure to assist you in finding walk off matting solutions that will accomplish your facility’s safety, hygiene, and risk management goals.

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