Seldom do I take the time to express myself about a purchase I made over the web. Most of them are routine. Not so with Unimat Industries. Because of my recent experience, I had to give my input. I started the process of searching the web for two entrance mats for our company. After contacting five vendors, the process of elimination was easy. I chose Unimat because of the favorable impression I got when talking to the sales representative. She was polite, helpful and above all, was very professional. Never once did I feel rushed or being just another caller. She was very patient, address my concerns, and made sure all my questions were answered so I could make a decision that was the right one for me. None of the others I talked too where as helpful. So thanks to her, I ordered the two entrance mats from Unimat. The shipment was prompt and the mats were perfect. They are in my waiting area and we have already received many compliments from our customers on how great they look. But my buying experience did not end there. Shortly, after receiving the mats, I received a call from the sales manager. She wanted to know if I was satisfied with the mats and the service I received. Could not have been better. Plus, as a bonus, the price was lower than the others I had called. Everything was perfect. If you are looking for entrance mats, look no further than Unimat Industries. I strongly recommend them.