Ecomat Pro

Specifically designed for people who are standing for long hours, with many applications, it can be used for personal use or for business where employees work on the feet, like in a front desk of a building, a shopping center or in a factory. Our Ecomat Pro anti-fatigue mat provides a great comfort, this can cause a huge positive impact on the health and safety of your employees, customers and guests.  This anti-fatigue floor mat is a durable, integrated wear surface of solid vinyl polymerically bonded to a moisture resistant, closed cell vinyl foam cushion with a overall thickness of ½”



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Ecomat Pro Anti Fatigue Mat Features & Benefits

  • Thickness ½”
  • Beveled edges and rounded corners helps prevent accidents
  • Excellent for cashiers stations
  • Improves tiredness after long periods of time standing
  • Very resistant mat even to acids, detergents and chemicals
  • Comfortable anti-fatigue floor mat
  • The Ecomat Pro provides high quality at the lowest price

Ecomat Pro Anti Fatigue Mat Placements

  • Customer service counters
  • Warehouse
  • Hotel registration counters
  • Industrial areas
  • Checkout counters
  • Assembly lines
  • Building reception counters
  • Work stations

Standard Sizes

Stock Size Weight Qty. 1
102601 2′ x 3′ 6 lbs US$66,30
102602 3′ x 5′ 14 lbs US$136,00