Poolside matting

Poolside matting

We are manufacturers and traders of the best poolside matting in America, our product is a non-slip drainage matting that increases slip resistance on otherwise slippery floors thanks to its Z-Web design, which allows moisture to flow below the mat, keeping the walking surface clean, dry and safe.

Hight quality Poolside matting

With more than 20 years of experience manufacturing the highest quality products in the continent, we are proud to call our poolside matting a great product to safely cover the wet areas such as locker rooms, pools, and any other wet floor to assure that users won’t slip even when there’s water below their feet.

A durable anti-microbial coating provides resistance to mildew, fungus and odors on the floor, and this poolside matting is very easy to clean, simply shake out or hose off as needed.

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