Pool Floor Mats: We offer the best locker room and swimming pool mats

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Our plain vinyl loop mats are the ideal solution for locker rooms and pool areas. The vinyl loop material is made out of nitrile rubber with a smooth PVC backing.  It is extremely durable material that has a surface of tiny vinyl loops intricately woven together creating the perfect scraper mat that will grip your feet firmly and prevent slips and falls. These mats are essential for pool areas or locker rooms where there is moisture. The vinyl loops will absorb any excess moisture on your feet and provide dry flooring that is extremely secure.

Pool Floor mats:

The vinyl loop mats are made of such strong durable material that it is resistant to harsh chemicals and will not be damaged by chlorine, salt and grease.  It can easily withstand high foot traffic and still maintain a new appearance. Its anti-fungal properties are much needed in areas such as pools, gyms, or locker rooms because it will help keep the environment clean and healthy. It is UV resistant and can provide cool and safe footing around pool areas in direct sun. It can protect the feet from getting burned from hot cement or tile floors. The material is extremely easy to maintain – just hose it off with water, vacuum, or pressure wash.

The constant moisture and high foot traffic in locker rooms and pool areas will not cause damage therefore they are the most ideal type of mats to have in these areas.

Another great flooring option for locker rooms and swimming pool areas is our Wet Zone Swimming Pool Mats. These mats are made out of 100% PVC and are UV protected as well as anti-fungal.  They have a unique design that can easily drain water. These mats are excellent at maintaining areas dry and therefore providing safe and secure footing that will help avoid slips and falls. They provide a cushion to walk on and are very comfortable on bare feet.

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