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Nautical welcome mat
Boarding Mats

Our Nautical welcome mat may be outside or inside your boat. These rugs are ideal for surfaces such as wood, tile and linoleum that can easily scratch because of dirt from the outside. Just wipe your feet before entering the house and you will not have to worry about scratching the floor.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect when you use nautical welcome mats.

Your boat will be cleaner with nautical welcome mats.

Nautical welcome mats are designed to remove the dirt that we bring from the street stuck in the footwear, like stones and sticks. These debris damages your floor when walking through it.

When you clean your feet on the carpet or rug, it eliminates accumulated dirt. Once you go into the boat, you need an inside mat to clean the rest of the dirt. This makes the bottom of your shoes clean enough to walk around the house without doing any damage.

They can help increase safety.

With these nautical welcome mats will help reduce the number of accidents caused by slips and falls when the floor is wet.

Add a touch of style.

Entry mats have undergone changes over time and there are many elegant designs for you to choose from. You can find interior carpets in all kinds of shapes, sizes and designs to enhance the decor, you can enjoy the protection without sacrificing style.

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Yacht mats
nautical welcome mat

Unimat’s Yacht mats reinforce the vessel identity dock or vessel side while offering the ultimate protection for expensive yacht flooring, this matting has a high quality construction and is designed for many years of use. Yach mats are safe to use with teak decking, laminates and hard wood floors.

Welcome message for your yacht

Did you know instinctively humans look down as they cross a threshold or break in the flooring in part to see the way is clear and safe. At this precise moment they’ll be greeted with your brand or welcome message, very simple and effective.

Yacht mats are available in a range of standard sizes, but bespoke sizes are also available on request, please see our product information for further details.

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Welcome aboard mats

Say “Welcome” and make people feel it when stepping in your boat by using our welcome aboard mats made of vinyl with your art built in. These logo mats are great for wet places since their material allows them to be outdoors and in wet places such as lakes and even in the sea.

Welcome aboard mats to reinforce your brand

Our Welcome aboard mats provide extra presence whilst your vessel is dock side; they reinforce your brand identity while making it easier for your guests to locate you especially if your neighbor isn’t using a mat like these.

In terms of image you have complete freedom, just send it to us electronically and we’ll do the rest for you, we first produce a proof to ensure you’re happy to proceed and then we manufacture your logo matting.

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Boarding Mats
Boarding Mats

Boarding mats are made with an extruded vinyl arranged in a spaghetti pattern that helps remove moisture from the walking surface to help reduce slips and falls. These amazing boarding mats are available with a vinyl backing and border for increased wear and durability.

Quality Boarding mats

Use these boarding mats to welcome your guests with the best looking mat showing your art with a stunning quality and a great resistance to traffic, at inside and outside locations.

Boarding mats are also available without any backing or borders for use in locations with excessive water drainage such as pools, hot tubs, boats and shower areas.

As a plus, these mats are easy to clean so you may simply shake out or hose off and keep your product clean and good as new.

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